Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Octopus Version 2

I can never deny my friend, Rachel, anything cute. :p So, I decided to make her dream octopus for her to love. :p I think he's really cute and would be comfortable in any steampunk lover's home. :)

My friend specifically asked for the monocle and top hat when she commented on my first Octopus. :)

He is made with Caron Simply Soft yarn in Soft Blue with 9mm safety eyes. I used EssHaych's free Small Ami Octopus pattern because I like the tentacles. They were a lot easier to make than the ones on my first Octopus and he can actually stand on them. Of course I had to adjust the pattern a little. On the body, I added 2 rounds between row 12 and 13. I decreased via the step down method instead of jumping to closing him faster. It makes the body look more round.

I also, added the mouth from my first octopus.  And one of his arms is longer (20 chains instead of 14) so that it is long enough to hold onto his monocle which is made of black felt. :) The top hat is made from the stiffer craft felt so that it will hold it's shape.  

He's a very smart one. :)

Thanks for the book, Rachel! :)

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