Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tamami the Turtle's Ready for Easter

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to introduce Tamami the pretty little turtle. :)
Tamami means beautiful gem in Japanese and this little gem loves dressing up. :) Since Easter is around the corner, she wanted to dress up like a little bunny. She has donned her ears, tied on her tail, and stepped into her pink slippers with pretty red bows. Now she's ready to party but has no where to go. Who will want to invite her to their Easter celebrations?

Free Pattern: Little Muggles's Sheldon the Turtle
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Hook: 4.25 mm
Findings: 9 mm safety eyes, blush, false eye lashes

Alterations I made: 

Ears: Panda8ngel Creations pattern: 
1  4 sc in magic ring (4)
2  inc around (8)
3 * inc, sc* around (12)
4  sc around (12)
5  sc around (12)
6  *5 Sc, inc* repeat (14)
7  sc around (14)
8  *5 sc, dec* around (12)
9  *1 sc, dec* around (8)
10 sc around (8)
11 sc around (8)

Feet/Shoes: I used her pattern but I used 2 colors and added a bow. Rows 1-6 are pink and rows 7-10 are white. To make the bows, I wrapped the yarn aroudn 2 fingers 3x and then wrapped the middle a few times and tied a square knot. I just tied these bows on before I stuffed and sewn the feet onto the body.

Spots: I also used 3 different sized circles: Small: 10 sc into magic ring, Med: 10 dc into magic ring, Large: I used Little Muggle's medium circle pattern.

Heart Pattern: Salt for the Spirit's Free Itty Bitty Crochet Heart

I hope you guys will check out Little Muggle's page for more adorable amigurumi. :) Have a great weekend!