Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Panda Hat Crochet Patterns + Bonus

I am so lucky to have great friends. My two closest and dearest friends sent me Panda hats just because I love pandas. :) So, after posting those free stuffed panda patterns, I decided to post free panda hat patterns so you guys can make the panda lovers in your life as happy as my friends made me. :) 

This Panda Bear Earflap Hat is one of the many free patterns found at the Tampa Bay Crochet blog. There are a lot of free patterns of cute hats and purses on the site so check it out. :)

Deborha from Knit Pro Cro designed this really cute Panda Baby Hat free pattern for us. 
She has a lot of cute knitting and crochet patterns including a cozy to personalize your car's side mirrors.

Tiffany from Think Crafty Thoughts brings us this simple hat that hints at being panda for those that want to be a little understated. She has quite a few free hat and scarf patterns on her blog.


This free Panda Hat pattern is brought to you by Sticks and Stones. The blog also has really cute cookie monster and watermelon free hat patterns.

Amy from Crochet Creative Creations blog has so many cute free hat patterns that it's hard to choose. Of course, I gravitate to the panda one

Ashley posted this Cute Panda Hat free pattern on ravelry for us. I love how he looks so lazy like a real panda. hehe I try to be like a panda at least once a day. hehe


Panda Growth Chart

A free pattern for a Panda Growth Chart from Pierrot.

FYI I put up pics of what you will get when you click on the link because I hate finding these sites with lists and lists of free patterns but no pictures. It is so tedious and slows me down to click on each link to see which one I want. So, enjoy your big dose of pand-sanity! :)


  1. love the infant hat but am new to crochet....hope i can do it!!!!

    1. I know you can do it! :) If the first one doesn't come out just right, don't give up! :)

      If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

      Have fun! :)

  2. hi! I'm currently making a panda hat for my husband. Thanks for sharing the links. Take a look at my crochet creations:

    Will link you up once I blog about the finished panda hat. :D :D