Monday, March 26, 2012

Sparkily crochet Egg with a Secret

I saw this really cool pattern while searching for other crochet egg patterns for Easter. It has a secret pocket at the bottom for treats or special messages. I wanted something quick and easy to do so I started on it. But I used the wrong thread. This sparkily thin stuff makes the stitches hard to see therefore, making this little project harder than it needed to be. I like the finished product though. 

I don't know what to put into this special pocket yet but it will be sweet either way. :)

I have never tried color changing and this little project was perfect for me to try. The front looks good but the back looks terrible. I think it's because I crochet in a spiral. 

I think I might check out the other patterns for striped eggs and see how they deal with it.

I hope your Easter crafting is coming along well. :) 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Steampunk Octopus Amigurumi

Yes, sorry, here is another Steampunk Octopus that I am making for Rachel's MobiCon booth. Did you like the updates on my WIP sidebar? :)

I usually don't re-make the exact same thing because I would just get too bored. There are 4 differences between this one and this one. :) 1. I added a crochet hat instead of a felt one. 2. I added a grey mustache for a more distinguished look instead of the mouth. 3. I used a darker blue yarn. I love blues. And 4. I added a more versatile hanger (you will see it at the end of the post). :)

I used this free pattern for the top hat. It was quite easy to make. I love the shaping. I think the rim could be one more row larger. :)

He accompanied me to grab In & Out for dinner. For those who don't live in California, it is a great burger joint that people over here love! :) They have a secret menu and everything. hehe

He's helping me decide what to order. Not really, I only get one thing every time I go. hehe

They give you these paper mats so that the box that your food comes in doesn't get your car dirty. They will ask if you want to eat it in your car or at home. If you say "eat in the car" then they will put it in an open box. Yum, hot fries!

He's helping me drink up the rest of my soda. :)

Now, for the new hanger system

I added a small split ring to the top of the hat before I sewed the hat to the head and before I stuffed the head too. So the string that connects the ring goes through it all and will last hopefully. I just added some glue to help.

I put a lobster claw finding onto a cell phone fob hanger. Sometimes they come like this. This allows the owner to take the hanger off and put it on their key chain, cell phone, or purse and then clip on the Octopus.

I hope someone will take him home in May. :) Good luck little one. :)
And I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of crafting! :)

Update 9-4-12:
My friend's sister named him Sir Sassafras. :) And he has been sold!
He is moving in with Megan in Washington State. :) I hope he remembers to be a gentleman. :)
My friend is super excited and posted about it here. :)
Great weekend, esp. since it was my bday weekend. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Panda Hat Crochet Patterns + Bonus

I am so lucky to have great friends. My two closest and dearest friends sent me Panda hats just because I love pandas. :) So, after posting those free stuffed panda patterns, I decided to post free panda hat patterns so you guys can make the panda lovers in your life as happy as my friends made me. :) 

This Panda Bear Earflap Hat is one of the many free patterns found at the Tampa Bay Crochet blog. There are a lot of free patterns of cute hats and purses on the site so check it out. :)

Deborha from Knit Pro Cro designed this really cute Panda Baby Hat free pattern for us. 
She has a lot of cute knitting and crochet patterns including a cozy to personalize your car's side mirrors.

Tiffany from Think Crafty Thoughts brings us this simple hat that hints at being panda for those that want to be a little understated. She has quite a few free hat and scarf patterns on her blog.


This free Panda Hat pattern is brought to you by Sticks and Stones. The blog also has really cute cookie monster and watermelon free hat patterns.

Amy from Crochet Creative Creations blog has so many cute free hat patterns that it's hard to choose. Of course, I gravitate to the panda one

Ashley posted this Cute Panda Hat free pattern on ravelry for us. I love how he looks so lazy like a real panda. hehe I try to be like a panda at least once a day. hehe


Panda Growth Chart

A free pattern for a Panda Growth Chart from Pierrot.

FYI I put up pics of what you will get when you click on the link because I hate finding these sites with lists and lists of free patterns but no pictures. It is so tedious and slows me down to click on each link to see which one I want. So, enjoy your big dose of pand-sanity! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Panda Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

One day I will make each and every one of my dreams...hehe :) There are 14 free patterns so keep on scrolling. :)

Stephanie from All About Ami is an amazing amigurumi pattern maker. There is not one of her creations that isn't adorably kawaii and professional looking. She has an awesome blog too. You should definitely check it out, my dragons are from her pattern. This adorable panda is part of a 3 bear ornament series with a cute bear and koala. You can find the free pattern here.

This Chubby Panda pattern is from Justine from Crafty Hanako.

This Panda pattern is from Angie's Art Studio.

This Fuzzy Panda is from a crochet-along sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. This free pattern is made by Tamie Snow of Roxycraft. She is an amazing artist too and has a lot of very cute pattern, for free and for sale.

The free pattern for these small Lazy Pandas are on Crochetville.

Image of Felted Penny the Panda

Felted Penny the Panda free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. You will have to register but it is still free.


LOL...these pandas crack me up. The proper Mr. and Mrs. Panda's creator wrote a whole story about them including their son, Glenny on her blog, Warm Fuzzies. Their story and the free pattern can be found here. While you are at the site, you should check out Sammy the Hedgehog. :)

Image of Amigurumi Panda

This fuzzy Panda is brought to you by Michaels and Lion Brand Yarn. The free pattern is here. I've always had a bit of a hard time with Fun Fur but this is a good small piece to try working with this novelty yarn. :)Image of Pablo Panda

Pablo Panda is also from Micheal's and Lion Brand. His pattern is here.

Giant Panda

You want a giant Giant Panda? Better Homes and Gardens provides us with this 18in panda's free pattern to make and cuddle with.

This Baby Panda Girl free pattern is made by Jane of Jenny and Teddy. She has lots of cute patterns, a few free on her blog and some for sell on her etsy store. The cute dress is actually separate so you can change her! Adorable!

This is Amanda, sadly not named after me. She has a sister named Annie, a teddy bear not pictured. Their free patterns can be found here. They are also from Jane. Thanks Jane! :)

This panda comes with a bag full of bamboo. You get all the free patterns here from Alisha of Fuzzy Feet Works.

The free pattern for Peyton, the Panda Girl can be found on ravelry here. She is made by Shannen from Sweet N' Cute Creations.

There you go! 14 Pandas for you to choose from to make! :) Have fun!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Amigurumi Mushroom Keychain

One way to never lose your keys in your purse again?, add a giant mushroom. :)

I used this free pattern for the Mario Bros inspired amigurumi mushroom. It was pretty easy to make but as always, I would change things a little. First of all, I would love a tiny version of this. Maybe I will try crocheting with embroidery floss or crochet thread. Also, in row 4, I would crochet in back loops only to give the bottom more structure. Lastly, I would add 2 more rows to row 4-7. The stem of the mushroom is just too short compared to it's huge head. hehe (sorry... my mind just went to bad place. :p)

I added the ribbon with the keychain finding to the middle dot before stitching it to the mushroom cap. For more strength, you should add the ribbon to the actual mushroom cap before closing it up and then through the dot too.

It smells good, believe me :), and that's because I put a used dryer sheet in the middle of all the stuffing. Besides, dusting, another use for your used dryer sheets and lint is stuffing for your amigurumi and felties. Not only is it free and plentiful, it makes your cuties smell good. :)

Yum! Mushrooms!! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crochet Mustache Cup Cozy

I couldn't sleep so I decided to crochet something quick and simple. :)  I saw a really cute crocheted coffee cup cozy that had a cute mustache on it. Crafting more steampunk themed cuties have surrounded me with staches so, what's one more. :)

The free pattern can be found here. I wanted the cozy to taper a bit so I used this free pattern for the cozy base and adapted it to my cup.  

Good night!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Steampunk Donut with Gears Icing Feltie

So did anyone guess what I was going to make from the pictures I posted on my W.I.P. sidebar? :)

Here he is! I think he's cute. But, after I stuffed him, it made the gears pattern not so visible. I think I might put less icing if I make him again but if i did then he can't have eyes. :p.

I didn't have the right color tan for the normal donut so I decided to make him a chocolate donut. :) I did not want to mess with 6mm safety eyes because it's a pain to get the backing on, so I used paper brads instead. ...the Mother of invention. :) I think he looks very surprised. hehe

After looking at him for a while, I thought he was too plain, not enough steampunkness. So, I dressed him up. :) I added a monocle, mustache, and top hat. :)

I don't like the monocle because it was really hard to cut out. I might head to the hardware store to see if there's something I can use instead. Maybe I can find a rubber O-ring or washer or nut or something.

I added a grey mustache because I couldn't figure out what other color to use. I think it makes him look distinguished. :) I put the stach in the middle of the donut hole because everywhere else looked weird.
If you have or will have a hangover from all that green beer, eat some toast with jelly (the sugar will help your brains work again and the toast settle your stomach), take an aspirin (for the headache), and drink plenty of water (because most likely you will be dehydrated). I hope that helps and have a safe weekend ya'll!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

St. Patrick's Day 
happy st. patrick's day. 

If you need something green to wear, check out my Lucky 4 Leaf clover pins (feltie and crochet/feltie) you can easily make and wear. :)

I hope this rain brings rainbows and pots of gold!! :)