Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2 - Use Up Some Bead Leftovers

This is Day 2 of Fusion Bead's 30 Day Bead Challenge and I have not finished my project from Day 1. :( I did get to decorate a tote and make a cute Lucky Clover pin but am not inspired to do anything with beads. :( I still pushed on.

Today, you are suppose to use up some bead leftovers. I rarely have any because I have stopped buying just for specific projects. But I do have 3 beads that have no homes at the moment. They were not picked to be in my friend, Melissa's birthday necklace. (I will post about this at a latter time when I can actually get a hold of the necklace and take some nice pictures. :p)

Here are the poor little guys:

Cute Hat Bead
Sheep Bead
Sheep's little face
Green Apple
I tried the hat on a lot of different 3D beaded shapes like my fish and hearts but it just didn't fit. So I decided to make the sheep bead into a fob for a cell phone or key chains.

I have a red dragon amgurumi to finish before I can finish up my Day 1 challenge. :p
Hope you all are having fun crafting! :)

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