Monday, November 28, 2011

Pumpkin Spice Scarf

I finished my friend's Xmas scarf a few days ago but just got around to taking the pictures during the day. 

I added roses to the bottoms of this scarf too. This time, because of the width of the scarf, I made the bigger crochet roses. I added a pin back but I think I am going to change to a hair clip so that the roses can be worn in the hair or maybe I will leave the pin back so that the rose can be used to keep the scarf closed.

Rose 1
Rose 2
Finished scarf in all it's glory. I hope she likes it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving is going smoothly. :) There is too much to be thankful for and for that I am extremely thankful. :)

Thanksgiving Turkey!!! So yummy and moist! Thanks Mrs. Tang! :)

Look at all the yummy food! We eat American food on Thanksgiving but not the traditional sides. There is fried cream cheese wontons, fried and baked potato balls with ground beef and cheese inside. Next there is corn with bacon, traditional stuffing, croissants with ham wrapped inside, and Chinese stir fried zucchini and mushrooms in butter, garlic, and black pepper. My mom bought tamales and french rolls. (I don't know why...hehe) The youngest daughter made boiled string beads that you dip in a mayo and soy sauce sauce. That was really yummy! But my fav is the potato salad with ham and carrots, no peas for me please. :)

Dessert is Whole Food's cheesecake with fruit topping (blackberry, blue berry, and strawberry) and Fresh and Easy Cappuccino ice cream.

You can also add almond slivers and Fresh and Easy Mango Sorbet. I have to say the Mango is very good in flavor and when you pair it with the blackberries, it is super yummy! :)

I had a half coffee and half black tea to drink with dessert. Now, I am so full and have food coma. Gotta wait 1-2 hours before taking my nap or else it will all become fat! In the meantime, I am going to finish another scarf! :)

Have a great holiday with friends, family, and lots of good food!!! I am thankful for you all!

Monday, November 21, 2011

One more Red....Rose

While looking for a pattern for the crochet flower in the last post, I came across this crochet roses pattern. :) It seemed simple enough and I thought my little bit of thread could be used up. It took more than that little bit of thread so I had to start using a new skein. I think it is ok because look how beautiful the rose turned out! :) I think I might have to make at least another rose in red as part of someone's gifts. The pictures turned out too because I can see the sparkilies in the thread. :)

Again, I face the same dilemma, how to finish this off.  There are the usual brooch, hair band, or hair clip. It is too big to be a fob, although you would never loose your keys. :) If you had a big tree, this would make a very cute ornament. It is about 5 inches in diameter. If you made two, you could make them into ear muffs...LOL I just don't know.

Seeing Red...Holiday Red! :)

I finished the Red Sparkily Scarf! I hope that special someone likes it. :)

Rolled up Scarf
Close up of the ... stitch :)
I have decided not to say the name of the stitch so not to offend anyone who is really sensitive. The link to the pattern is in a previous post.

Scarf being modeled
Xmas Eeyore, who has been sitting in that seat since last Xmas, is my very cute model for the scarf. :)

Profile View
Get my good side! :)
Left over yarn
This pattern was a one skein scarf! I had so much left over, that I decided to crochet some flowers to go on the ends of the scarf, just to dress it up a bit. The yarn is Lion Brand Yarn, Vanna's Glamour, Ruby Red color.

Crochet flowers
I made flower 1 of this tutorial instead of the other flower I had done a few months back. But I changed the start of the pattern by using this magic ring so that the centers don't have to be filled in with a button.

Flower on the end of the scarf
I am going to pin it on the end of the scarf so it can be taken off for washing or I can make other flowers in other colors so that they can be changed to match the outfit. By making these flowers, pins, she can also wear them as a brooch. :)

Ribbon Flower

I had made a 5 petal flower with this red wire ribbon from the Xmas section of Michaels (seen in previous post) but then I saw these poinsettia ornaments and thought they were look nice in the center. This time I made a 6 petal flower because the poinsettias were so big.

I don't know if I want to make them into brooches or hair clips or both. :) I will definitely need to use them on at least one package in lieu of a bow. :)

I might make a few crochet flowers to embellish tags for the gifts. :) I want to make my own tags this year. Usually, I just write a card and use that as give tags. If I do, I will definitely post the finished products. :)

Hope you guys are having a productive holiday season! :) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Easy Childhood Paper Ornament

I was wrapping a gift for my friend's Birthday and it necessitated the need to make this paper ornament that I used to do a lot when I was little. It is easy so I thought I would teach you guys. :) I am sure Rachel remembers this one well. :)

I like to get boxes from Macy's for all my gifts but I needed to hide the logo because the present inside was not actually from Macy's. Then I remembered this easy paper ornament I used to make when I was a kid and it was a perfect fit! I thought I would share how to make it. For Christmas, all you have to do is change the color scheme to alternating red and green for a cute wreath or blue and white for a nice star. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Here is how to make it.

Step 1
Cut out 8 squares that are 3 inches by 3 inches from any paper. I used wrapping paper here to match the outside wrapping paper. I would not use card stock though because it can be a little hard to fold.

Step 2
Fold in half with colored side out.

Step 3
Unfold and you will have a line down the center of your square.

Step 4
Fold it diagonally with the colored side out.

Step 5

Step 6
Fold on the diagonal the other way with colored side out.

Step 7
Unfold. You will see an "X" and a line in the middle.

Step 8
Fold along the half way line again but this time with white side out. You can skip this step but it helps me make the next folds easier.

Step 9
Fold up one corner to the center, AKA Fold down the top edge to the center line (the crease), to make triangles. 

Step 10 View 1
Fold the other side the same way.

Step 10 View 2
When you open the square up, it should look like this, a little house.

Step 11 View 1
Now when the fold the square along the same edge down the middle, it will automatically fold and look like this. The tip is from the folds on step 10. The two "legs" are because of the diagonal and horizontal folds made.

Step 11 View 2
Here is the view from the bottom. I am holding the tip and the "legs" are at the top of the picture.

Step 11 View 3
Step 12 View 1

Fold it down and you should get this. This is the bottom of the unit.

Step 12 View 2
This is one unit. This is the top of the unit. Now repeat that 7 more times for a total of 8 units.

Step 13 View 1
Now you are going to assemble. I have started it here already. I have assembled 6 units already. I am going too call the unit which is mostly green, Unit A and the stripped unit that I am adding in, Unit B. You are going to slide Unit B into the crevice made by the "legs" of Unit A. Make sure all the top sides are facing out.

Step 13 View 2
Here I am holding it up. Make sure the bottom of Unit B is lying flat against the bottom of the "legs" of Unit A in order for it to fit.

Step 14 View 1
Fold the tips of the "legs" of Unit A over the top edge of the "legs" of Unit B. This will old the units together. 

Step 14 View 2
Need to fold over both tips.

Step 14 View 3
Pull Tight

Pull Unit B so that the folded tips of Unit A are snug.

Adding the last unit. View 1
You will have to fold the tips between the top edge of the "legs" of the outer unit and the tip of the inner unit.

Adding the last unit. View 2
And you are done. I made sure to take pics of each little step and it really makes this tutorial look and sound harder than it is but I didn't want anyone lost. Once you actually make it, you will see how easy it is. :)

It's a Wreath
But wait....
Slowly slide the units inwards. It will slide opposing units at the same time.

I kind of like this look. I might stop here next time and use it as a tag on something.

It's a Star!

It covers the logo on the box really well and adds another element to the gift. :)

Finished wrapped gift
I hope you guys will try this. It was fun going back to my childhood. And using gift wrap made this embellishment really cute.