Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap

Halloween morning I went with a friend to the gym and did cardio for a total of 40 min and some back and ab exercises. Then I started making my cupcakes. I baked them, had to wait for them to cool, color the frosting, frost the cupcakes, add the web design with gel. I also had to print out, cut out, put together, and put the cupcake toppers onto the cupcakes. All the while doing 4 loads of laundry. And I really wanted to wash my car but couldn't. Then my family went to West Hollywood for the Halloween carnival so I had to leave the cupcakes, candy, and toys (for the wee ones) on my front porch with a note. 3 of the cupcakes were gone and no one had damaged our porch by throwing cupcakes regardless of what my friend was predicting. I was then dragged to the gym again for a more back-focused workout. But I brought the girl on staff a cupcake and made her night. :) All and all a nice day and night. :)

My Halloween Decorations:

The cross stitched pumpkin was from my friend Rachel last year. :) The dog actually dances and flaps his ears. It's so cute! Along with the cupcakes, I gave out these candies and some little toys for the wee ones.

My mo had bought the place mat and the snow globe but the ghost cup, beanie, and cross stitch is from my friend Rachel. :) The pillow is really cute! I loved it!

A little centerpiece to my dinning table. Thank you Rachel!

The chocolate cupcakes I made. I put it in pumpkin cupcake liners. I also tinted the frosting orange to match the pumpkins. I printed the toppers on label paper and just stuck two circles together with a toothpick in between.

Pictures from the West Hollywood Carnival:

Steve Jobs Lego Man

Girl version. There was a guy dressed in the same costume.

Tella Tubbies
We saw like 10 of them, both male and female.

The Queen of England with the Princess of China

Trojan Man. 
 There were a couple of guys dressed with a big white bubble on their heads waving around a white streamer. Guess what they were....sperm!

Angry Birds
 There were a lot of Angry Birds fans.


1 of 2 Peacocks
 There were two European men dressed up as peacocks. Their tail feathers can be raised and lowered as they want by pulling on two strings. Very ingenious.

Victoria Secrets Drag Angels

Old Pregnant Chinese "Lady"
LOL ...Actually, my favorite!

Care Bears?
Hope you guys had a great Halloween! Don't eat too much candy.

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  1. LOL It looks like you had a great time! I love the pictures! I can never get good photos at night. What setting do you use on your camera?

    I LOVE the cupcakes! Very creative :)