Saturday, July 13, 2013

Panda's 4th of July Holiday 2013

Happy 4th of July!!! I know it's a little late on the posting but that 4 day weekend wore me out! hehe

To start the holiday right, on July 3th, the Panda took her mom to the Hollywood Bowl to see Josh Groban in concert and for some fireworks!

It seems that the Panda developed a little bit of a crush on the amazing singer. :) I saw some major flirting going on...hehe

<3 <3 <3

For the actual holiday, we went to the beach with friends. It was a very long day. It started at 8am and ended at 1am the next day....yea...we party hard! hehe

Sadly, the water was too cold to go boogie boarding in so we stayed on the beach and nom nom nom all day long. Ya know, just being pandas. hehe

This weekend was also the second Bring Your Amigurumi To Work Friday. Since I spent the day sleeping, eating, watching tv, and recovering from July 4th, I didn't take any pics. I needed a vacation to get over the holiday. hehe

Live your Life and Be Panda Happy! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun day with Monsters University and Friends!

Watched Monsters University 3D with my cousin and our new housemates Mike and Sulley the weekend it came out. :) I thought the movie was very cute and had a great moral story line. :) 
After dropping Mikey off at his new home with my cousin, Sulley and I went to hang out with other friends. We got yummy boba tea which Sulley helped me drink and ate hot pot. 
It was a very good day. :) And I wanted to thank Josephine from A Morning Cup of Jo Creations for the free baby Mike and Sulley pattern! You can find the Free pattern on her ravelry or craftsy account.

Baby Mike meets Panda Onigiri

It’s overcast and not rainy yet so I’m feeling blah. To cheer myself up, I thought I would make my first comic. :p Here is Panda Onigiri meeting Baby Mike for the first time. Enjoy! :) 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Giveaway Winner!


My Favorite Bunny and friend, Rachel, had a giveaway for her 6 year blog anniversary. Sadly for her, I was the only one that commented, but that was great for me because I won! :) Please check out her blog post about all the wonderful goodies she sent. :) 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's the Simple Pleasures in Life

My first try at marinated tea one died yet hehe

My newest favorite soft 3 chocolate chip cookies! That's right, I used 3 diff chocolates. I cut up a bar of semisweet to get the chunks, added chocolate chips and mini chocolate chips. Next time, I will put them in a box for traveling, they are too soft and smoosh easily  They were a 4th of July hit! 

That's right...conqured IKEA today...sweated my butt off doing it but I did it! I put together these 2 drawer units that came in 10 boxes and a book case for my cousin in pasadena...All by myself!!! Yea! BooYa!

Other than that....I did nothing this 4 day weekend except eat, sleep, and watch tv. Sometimes, you need to just chill. :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bring Your Ami To Work Friday - #2

2nd Monthly Bring Your Ami to Work Friday! Here are my friend's ami hard at work.

My Friend, Rachel, is having trouble at work. The Ami are taking over!!! hehe 
I hope your Friday was as nice as mine. I was basically dead. July 4th was too much for this little panda. I took July 5th to recover, sleep, eat, and watch tv. What a wonderful life! :)
I’ll post some pics of my ami tmr. :) Goodnight! :)