Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's the Simple Pleasures in Life

My first try at marinated tea one died yet hehe

My newest favorite soft 3 chocolate chip cookies! That's right, I used 3 diff chocolates. I cut up a bar of semisweet to get the chunks, added chocolate chips and mini chocolate chips. Next time, I will put them in a box for traveling, they are too soft and smoosh easily  They were a 4th of July hit! 

That's right...conqured IKEA today...sweated my butt off doing it but I did it! I put together these 2 drawer units that came in 10 boxes and a book case for my cousin in pasadena...All by myself!!! Yea! BooYa!

Other than that....I did nothing this 4 day weekend except eat, sleep, and watch tv. Sometimes, you need to just chill. :)

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