Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jenny Recieved Her Giveaway Prize + Surprises :)

Jenny has received her giveaway prize, the Laurie the Duckie amigurumi I made, along with a few surprises I've put in there. :) 

Check out her blog, Jennygurum, to see her pictures of the Duckie in her new home. :) There's even a link to a photo album she posted on her facebook page with pictures of the little surprises I've put into the package. :)

Enjoy! :) And thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will check out her blog or facebook page as well.  :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Lantern Festival

It's the 15th day after the Lunar New Year.

We eat sweet glutinous rice ball in soup. It's so yummy! My mom bought 3 kinds of filling: red bead, peanut, and taro. Very good in a soup made with brown sugar. My mom adds this wine rice but I didn't.

I like to eat them year-round but you are suppose to eat them that day. :p There are different sizes, colors, and flavors. Very fun! :)

I don't know if it's just me, but I see a panda....hehe

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Panda Onigiri Amigurumi

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is going well! :)

I made this little panda last week but just got around to posting about it. :p
Here he is! Isn't he just yummy! I just want to take a bite. hehe

Here's a close up of the back because I really like how this picture shows off all the sparkly threads in this yarn. In person, this yarn really makes anything shine. :)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Party
Hook: 4.25 mm
Base Pattern: Onigiri from HandmadeKitty
Findings: Black Felt, 9mm safety eyes, glue

I'm still debating...should I add a mouth or not? :)

<3 <3 <3

FYI...I've linked this cute panda to Sara's

Hookin On Hump Day #34 – Link Party for the Fiber Arts

You should check out all the fun!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mini Giveaway Surprise Gift Steampunk Gentleman Heart Keychain

Congrats Kristina! I hope you like him! :)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Party
Hook: 4.25 mm
Findings: 7mm Paste-On eyes, 3/8" Lock Washer External Tooth SAE, Embroidery floss, Chain, 2 sizes of TK......ring

Pattern: Little Heart Plushy by Easy Makes Me Happy
Hat: made up on the spot by me, Panda8ngel :)

Update! Kristina has posted about her little surprise gift on her blog, HERE. I hope you will check out all the pretties she's made. :)

<3 <3 <3

Here is the other prize for my other blog followers. :)

If you want to learn more about this little panda, click HERE. :)

Thank you to all the visitors, old and new followers! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 More day till the Giveaway Ends!

Hey Guys and Gals!

My first giveaway ends tomorrow!! If you would like a free adorably kawaii duckie, then click HERE to enter! It's easy! :)

Thanks for visiting... and welcome to the new followers! :)

I will be posting some of the fun stuff I made for my mini-giveaways as a thank you for my current followers. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

4 Beaded Earrings for Birthday Girl

I made 4 pairs of earrings for my friend, Mel's birthday this month.


Blue Lace Diamond Earrings
Materials: 4mm Swarovski crystal bicone (Aqua), 5mm Swarovski Faceted Disc Crystal AB, Swarovski crystal pendant, Blue Toho size 11 Seed Beads, Nylon string, Triangle jump ring, Earring finding
Main motif from: WendySue's Lace Earrings

Tear drop layered earrings
Materials: Swarovski bicone crystals in 4mm and 3mm, seed beads, bugle beads, Beadalon colored nylon coasted stainless steal sting, gold earring wires, crimp beads
Design by me, Panda8ngel Creations
Panda's Tip of the Day: I didn't have any gold crimp tubes so I just colored my silver ones gold with a gold paint pen

Black and White Medallion Earrings
Materials: Nylon string, 4mm Swarovski bicones, seed beads, earring findings

And Lastly, Dangle Hearts
Materials: Swarovski crystal heart pendant, 3mm Swarovski bicones, seed beads, bugle beads, jump rings, silver wire, earring finding
Designed by me, Panda8ngel Creations. :)

And here is how I packaged them all. :)

Thanks for visiting and checking out my earrings. :) I hope you enjoyed looking at them. My friend loved them and promptly exchanged the earrings she had on for the black and white ones that matched her outfit. Luckily, the earrings she had on originally was not from her husband because he would've objected. :)
Hope you have a nice weekend!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bluango Bracelet, First Beading of the New Year

This is the first beading I’ve done in the new year.
Blue and gold is a classic color combination. But this dark blue and shinny gold combination in this bracelet just evokes Cleopatra to me. hehe I think it’s a beautiful contrast.
I decided to leave the back unadorned so that you would have 2 styles in one. If you are wearing a more casual outfit, you could wear the back. If you are wearing a something more dressy, you could wear it front side out. :) 2 bracelets in one! 
Created Jan 24, 2013 (2hrs of Labor) while watching Bones (I hate Pelant) and NCIS.
Design inspired by a bracelet made by NiteDreamerDsgn (funny enough, her name is Mandy). I’ve made the base numerous times for different bracelets but I loved the overlay look so I added it this time. 
Stitch: Right Angle Weave (RAW)
Materials: Nylon thread, 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones in Dark Sapphire, 6mm Swarovski Pearls in Night Blue, Size 11 gold seed beads, Size 11 silver lined gold seed beads.
I packaged it in the fun origami envelope. You can make one too, just followTHIS video tutorial from Rosemarie995. :)

Goodies from Bunny

I got a very lovely package for Valentines from my bestie, Rachel. I squealed with joy after seeing all the lovely goodies! :) 

I love the Panda amigurumis!!! If you want to read about the two pandas, please click Here for the little one and Here for the big one. :) I think they will be very happy with their new panda family. :)

I also got chocolate covered fortune cookies which my mom promptly stole one. :) An earring kit, which I can't wait to try. :) Stamps and assorted lovely paper pads. :) I got the Beautiful Creatures book and a Year of the Snake Starbucks card! Yea!

I squealed in delight when I saw these!!! I think she heard it in Alabama. hehe I cannot find them here, which I lamented to her over and over again. To my surprise she sent me such a variety!!! :)

Isn't this puppy eyed Panda so adorable?! I love the panda sticker as well!!! Thank you!!!

I forgot to take a picture of the cute amigurumi kitty she had made for my mom. Please click Here to see the kitty and Here to read about where all these goodies came from! :)

Feb. Package for Bunny

Here is one of the presents that I've sent to my best friend, Rachel for Valentines Day and Chinese New Years.

If you want to check out all her goodies, please click HERE to her blog post and see all the goodies.:)

Friday, February 15, 2013

My First Giveaway! A Sweet amigurumi Duck

Hi all! Thanks for checking out my blog and visiting this page. :)
If you've been here before, do you remember Laurie the Duckie? Well, I'm giving her away!

One lucky winner will be able to give this sweet duck a loving home. You will get everything you see in the picture. But I am not giving away the pattern, sorry. If you want it, please click on Laurie's post in the link above for the designer.

If you would like the chance to win her, please click on the link below and follow the directions. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! And thank you to all of you who've been following me and welcome to all the new followers. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!! and Mini Giveaway

Much love to everyone esp those who follows and visits this blog! Thank you! Muah!

From Lil' Panda Blog. :)

Hugs to you all!!!


As a thank you for all my followers so far who have shared my love of crochet, beading, and crafts, I have put your names into this list randomizer for a special gift. :)

And the winner is....
List Randomizer

There were 12 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Kristina
  2. Anda
  3. Marga M.
  4. Helen H.
  5. Sofia R.
  6. Mousedidit
  7. Swee S.
  8. Ramvino
  9. Rachel Y.
  10. A Morning Cup of Jo
  11. Adriana O.
  12. Pretty Poodle
Timestamp: 2013-02-15 03:35:59 UTC

Congrats Kristina!!! Please email me with your address and I will send you your surprise gift. :)
Once she receives it, I will post what it is. :)

I hope you will check out the links for more cute Valentines that have to do with Yarn and Beads.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of the Snake Amigurumi and Crafts

Here are some cute amigurumi and crafts to help celebrate the Year of the Snake! :)


Stephanie from All About Ami, has come up with another adorable amigurumi for the New Year. I can't wait to make this cute snake. And you can too! Her FREE pattern can be found here. She has also posted about her design process so you can see a little behind the scenes action. (the link is on the post) It's so cool to see how this little snake was born. :)

Little Muggles has also come out with a very cute snake pattern for the New Year. The FREE pattern can be found here. I hope you will check out her other kawaii amigurumis. :)
And Tokidoki has made a very cute red envelope Snake pattern for your parents to give you money in. :) Or your friends to give you gifts in. hehe You can download it for FREE, here.

 Craftiments:  Chinese New Year Snake Craft

This is not my usual cup of tea in terms of crafts but it's so cute! This easy paper snake tutorial can be found here.

Happy Chinese Near Years! And welcome the Year of the Snake! :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Years!!

I hope your Chinese New Years will be filled with lots of food, family, and love! May the coming year be a prosperous one full of good luck, great fortune, good health, and great memories with family and friends!

Thank you all for following my blog! :) Tomorrow, I will post lots of cute amigurumi and crafts to do for the Year of the Snake! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laurie the Duckie Amigurumi

I stumbled upon a pattern testing event on facebook which led me to this pattern testing group by Harugurumi. It was the perfect timing for me to join her next pattern testing event for this duckie called Laurie. :)



I hope you will check out her evolution and all her looks in my blog post. :)
I have to say, I had a lot more fun because of the facebook feedback. :)

I hope you guys find a fun group of crocheters to hang and have fun with. Don't forget to count me in. :)

By the way, if you really like this duck, you will have a chance to win her in my first giveaway. :) I will post how sometime next week. So, please stay tuned. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Graduation Mouse Amigurumi


I made this little mouse from a Christmas ornament pattern for my friend, Becky, who just graduated. :)
I hope you will check him out in my blog. :)