Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Onigiri Amigurumi

I wanted to make an amigurumi to adorn my friend, Rachel's booth at MobiCon in May this year. I racked my brain for a cute idea. A dragon? Some hearts or a bunny? No, too big, too small, and the last would be found hidden in my friend's purse. hehe Then I found a free onigiri amigurumi pattern and it was perfect! :)

What a cutie! :) If I make another one, I am going to put a big bow at the top of her head and some lace on the nori (seaweed) part and make her one of those cute Japanese hime gyaru (princess) girls. :p

Panda's Tips of the Day:

1. I used wrapping paper for the background to the picture above. It's inexpensive, cute, and you always have some wrapping paper around. :)

2. In order to place the nori, I wanted to temporarily hold it in place while I stitched around it but didn't have a big enough safety pin. So, I took a long piece of contrast color yarn cut when I finished another cutie and used it to tack the nori piece in place. It worked out really well.

3. I used a mini/short flat bobby pin as a stitch marker. I had bent a small paper clip using this tutorial but the ends would hook and catch on yarn. The mini bobby pin's ends were protected and round and the bobby pin was easier to thread through the small stitches than the paper clip. To each their own. :)

Someone else had the same idea to use bobby pins. :) Here is a great post on the use of bobby pins to help you while you crochet from Leisure Arts.

I hope you guys find something to -fever over. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kiiroitori Amigurumi

So, my cousin, Vivian's birthday just passed. Since, we are getting together for a family dinner with her mom and younger brother from Taiwan, I thought I would make her a birthday present. She loves Kiiroitori and I have Amigurumi fever so I thought I would combine the two and make my own pattern. :) So, here is my try at making an Amigurumi Kiiroitori. 

For those who do not know this character, he is the little chicken friend of Rilakkuma bear from San-X.

Rilakkuma Bear lying next to Kiiroitori Chicken

Don't get the chick mixed up with this duck. It is very easy to do and I've done it before because there is a very cute store for babies. :p

My Inspiration
My Finished Kiiroitori Amigurumi
LOL...he kinda looks like he has a mustache but the big black nostrils is a signature of this character. I might have made them a little too big but this is the first time I made an amigurumi pattern from a picture.

So, here's my pattern:
It is written in US/American Crochet terms.

Step 1: Beak - make 1
(I would make the beak first so that you can position the eyes correctly.)
- I used felt because I didn't have any orange yarn but I am going to write instructions for both.

Felt Beak:
1. Cut out 3 half circles the same size out of orange felt.
2. Take the 3rd half circle and trim the it down to be slightly smaller than the top of the beak   
     (use the above pictures as your guide - sorry, I didn't take a picture of each step)
3. Cut out 2 small circles out of black felt for the nostrils. 
     (You could also make large french knots with embroidery thread)
4. Take one of your top beak half circles and stitch or glue on the nostrils
5. Use whatever stitch you feel comfortable with and stitch the two larger half circles for the top beak together but do not stitch along the flat side.
6. Stitch the bottom beak to only the bottom piece of the top beak but only along the flat side
7. stuff the top beak a little with fiberfill 

Crochet Beak: (I haven't made one so let me know if it's ok)
Top beak:
Make a magic circle
Round 1 - Ch 1, then 6 sc into circle (6)
Round 2 - 2 sc into each sc around (12)
Round 3 - *2 sc into first sc, 1 sc in next sc* - repeat * around (18)
Cut out and glue felt black dots to the top as nostrils
Fasten Off - leave tail for sewing onto the body

Bottom beak:
Round 1 - Ch 1, then 5 sc into circle (5)
Round 2 - 2 sc into first sc, 1 sc in next sc - repeat once and end with 1 more sc
Fasten Off - leave tail for sewing onto the body

Step 2 - Body - make 1
Make a magic circle
Round 1 - Ch 1, then 6 sc into circle (6)
Round 2 -2 sc into each sc around (12)
Round 3- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next sc, repeat around (18)
Round 4- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next 2 sc, repeat around (24)
Round 5- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next 3 sc, repeat around (30)
Round 6- 2 sc into first sc, 1sc in next 4 sc, repeat around (36)
Row 7-15- Sc in each sc around (36)
Round 16- sc2tog, sc in next 4 sc, repeat around (30)
Round 17- sc2tog, sc in next 3 sc, repeat around (24)
- Stuff a little to position the eyes - the amigurumi will be shaped a little different once stuffed 
- Place eyes (you might have to take out stuffing to put on the backs if you are using safety eyes) - I used 9mm safety eyes
- Stuff! I used Blended fiberfill but use whatever you want - cotton or wool or polyester
- Continue stuffing as you end each round
Round 18- sc2tog, sc in next 2 sc, repeat around (18)
Round 19- sc2tog, sc in next sc, repeat around (12)
Finish Stuffing
Round 20- sc2tog around (6) 
Fasten off- sew up the hole and weave in the end

Step 3 - Wings - make 2
Make a magic circle
Round 1 - Ch 1, then 5 sc into the circle (5)
Round 2 - 2 sc into each sc around (10)
Round 3-6 - 1 sc into each sc around (10)
Round 7 - *1 sc into first sc, then sc2tog*, repeat * around 5x (5)
Fasten Off - leave tail for sewing onto the body (Do not stuff)

Step 4 - Tail - make 1
Make a magic circle
Round 1 - Ch 1, then 4 sc into the circle (4)
Round 2 - *2 sc into first sc, 1 sc into the next sc*, repeat * around (6)
Round 3 - 1 sc into next 2 sc
Stuff it a little just to keep the triangular shape.
Fasten Off - leave tail for sewing onto the body

Step 5 - Hair - make 1
- Cut out a "Y" shape out of black felt
- Thread black thread (any kind) onto a needle
- Place into a stitch somewhere near by and bring up at the point where you want the hair to be
Note: do not always use the center of the magic circle from where you started crocheting your body because it might not be the center when you are looking at his face. (Mine is off to the side a little)
- Do 1-2 running stitches along the bottom of the "Y" to make sure that the thread is secure to the felt (you can also make a little knot at the bottom of the "Y"
- Bring the needle back down at the exact point you came up and come out where you went in
- Pull tightly until the bottom of the "Y" is hidden into the body (that is why you wanted the thread secure on the felt)
- make a knot with the ends of your thread, pull taunt, and cut off the ends (the knot should pull back into the body somewhat) 
**If you were confused by this, here is a video explaining where to place your needle. She is not showing you about adding the hair but she is explaining a way of hiding the knot.

Step 6 - Feet - make 2
- Cut out the feet from black felt and sew or hot glue it on. You could also embroider it on with black embroidery thread. The feet are just a "Y" shape but with 3 toes.

Lastly - Sew all appendages onto the body and enjoy. :)

He was a hit! All my cousins thought he was very cute. :)

If I make another one, then I will update this post with pics of each step. :)

**I'm sorry but I have to put this:**
This pattern was created for personal use only. Please do not sell the pattern or anything you make from the pattern. Please do not copy the pattern and post it elsewhere. It is ok to link back to this page and pattern. And please give me credit where credit is due. :) Thank you.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bow Headband

After the Linsanity of my octopus tentacles, I wanted to do something quick and easy. I love this site All About Ami. She put up this free pattern for a knotted headband on her site. I made it in the same green of the dragon and octopus, the yarn is called Caron Simply Soft and it really is nice and soft. I can't stop touching it. hehe

The headband came out cute but I think my head is really small because the headband is huge on me. I used the same number of stitches and finished length as she did but it sags.  I shall see if it fits on my friend's head. :p

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ohhh Lin-sanity ctopus

So, my family has Lin-sanity. Thankfully, I have kept myself out of it until today. My mom didn't want to feel like she was crazy by yelling at the tv by herself so she dragged me downstairs to sit by her. One good thing about this is that I am stuck so I bring down my most mobile project, an amigurumi octopus. I finished it just as the 3rd quarter was ending. :) Sadly, the Knicks lost against the Heat but it wasn't a surprise. :p

I used this free pattern. It makes a really cute octopus but the tentacles are a pain. It tells you to make a circle of 4 single crochet but it's hard to put the hook back through the first single crochet so, I would increase the first ring to 5 single crochet and then skip the first single crochet when starting the 2nd row.

He stands at 3 inches tall from head to bottom of tentacles and 2 inches at the widest part of his head. I used 9mm safety eyes and the green yarn from my dragon because it was the closet yarn at hand. :p  

He obviously thinks he's cute but what do you guys think? hehe

The week is almost over! Almost time for hard core crafting, stitching, and beading. Yea!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bunny Valentine Package

Look at what my bunny Valentine sent me! A very very cute red dragon!

Him and my valentine dinosaur from last year are already best buddies. :)

A weekly menu and grocery list planner and two new books for me to enjoy and add to my collection. :) I can't wait to get started on them tonight. :)

Look at this cute birdie card and a small heart tin of chocolates. :)

Thank you bunny!!! I love everything!

My Felties

My friend, the wandering bunny, started making felties so, I wanted to try them. :)

My first feltie

I saw these cute felt bunny key chains and though I would experiment. I printed the pic out and cute out the shapes. Since, I am just starting, I am working out the best way through others. When I get good, then I will start making my own. :) Of course, I won't sell it because the design is not mine but she is really cute. I messed up on a couple of places so her home will be with me. :p

I think if I make another one, I am going to put a strong magnet inside so that it doesn't ruin the cuteness. And the eyes have been giving me trouble because it is hard to clip on the backs and so I have been tearing the felt a bit. I don't think you can tell unless you look very closely.

My first onigiri 
I used the free pattern from Tammy's Blog to make this onigiri. I flipped the seaweed from the top to the bottom.

Panda's Tip of the day:
I didn't have pink felt so I used actual blush from my makeup kit to "paint" on the cheeks and inside of the ears. Use what you have. :p

I also keep all the scraps and will use them to stuff other felties or amigurumi.

Last tip, I used the blunt end of my crochet hook or a chop stick to help get the stuffing in tight places like the ears on the rabbit or around the safety eyes. :)

Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Modes4u Giveaway

Modes4u is having a giveaway!

kawaii Giveaway package No.1 with rabbit bento box straps
This is 1 out of 5 sets that they are giving away. Isn't it cute? I hope I can win something. :p

big round panda bear Bento Box lacquer lunch box 1

I love their bento boxes! Isn't this panda bento box so cute? I hope they get more bento accessories. 

They are based over seas so they send you your stuff via air. I would keep an eye out on the tracker link they send you because I didn't get a note or any indication that my package was at the post office until I looked at the tracker link and found out. I had to go to the post office to get it. Luckily, I got it before it was sent back.

Good luck everyone!!

My First Amigurumi

I am so excited! I just finished my first amigurumi! hehe And he is so so cute! I started last night and finished this afternoon. I didn't think it would go so fast. :p I made him for my friend who just told me that him and his wife are expecting their first baby, a dragon baby! Congrats Donny and Winnie! :) I had a chance to go to JoAnn's with a friend who is an Army Reservist therefore I got the military discount too! I just have to show you my little dragon's adorable face!

Isn't my baby the cutest?! hehe All moms say that.

If you like amigurumi or want to try it, you have to check out the free patterns on All About Ami's blog. I got this free dragon pattern from her site. Thank you Stephanie! :) 

I used Caron Simply Soft's Dark Sage. Since, it is a thicker yarn, my dragon came out bigger but he's still cute. I wanted big eyes I got 12mm safety eyes. I stuffed him with Nature-Fill which is a blended fiberfill made up of 50% rayon from bamboo and 50% polyester. Also, a part of the profits will go to support ecological initiatives. I try to give back to the environment where I can. :)

It was hard to keep the count right. I must have messed up multiple times but it is true that amigurumi is very forgiving for a novice.

He's kinda like your first baby, you just can't stop taking pictures of the cutie! 

I had to give him a time out for riding the dinosaur. :p hehe

The bittersweet part is that I have to give him away. I might muster up the energy to make another one for me to keep but he will always be first in my heart. :p

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Bride Bracelet

Say that 3 times fast. hehe My friend, Heather, is getting married in March. She told me her wedding colors so I decided to make her a bracelet. :) Her wedding colors are going to be pink and white with a little green thrown in.

I used this  Magic Squares free pattern on BeadsMagic blog. Just a note for myself, it took 2.5-3 ft of fireline per motif.

I messed up on the colors on the first square. It was not what I was planning in my head I liked it so I went with it. I was going to do pink crystals with the raised areas in green for vines and a pink or white background but I like this better since my friend actually is only adding in the green because of March.

I also changed the pattern a little by rotating the squares into their points, connecting each motif through a crystal, changing the center seed bead colors, and adding a crystal to the center.

Since I was making each motif separately, I noticed that it would make cute earrings. A single motif with a crystal hanging off of it or if you like chunky jewelry, you can use two motifs.

The design is dimensional as shown by the above picture.

It was unintentional but cute that the colors of the bracelet matched so perfectly with my house plant. :p

Paracord Butterfly

Hi Ya'll!! I was trying to tie this big celtic heart knot from TIAT but the hearts didn't look right. Then, I noticed that the video tutorial asked for 5 feet of paracord but you only need like 2 feet so I slid the first heart I tied down and tied a second one on the same string to see if I could make a better looking one and to not waste cording but I failed. Looking at these two "heart" shaped knots, I put them side by side and it looked like wings. So, I decided to make it into a butterfly. Below, is what came out but I didn't finish it off because I still don't know if I like it yet.

What do you guys think?

Just Because Package

My best rabbit friend, Rachel, just got her package so I am able to post this. She squealed and sang so I think I did good with her package this time. :) Since I like her pics better, I am just going to link you to her post on the contents of the package. :) I am going to highlight some of her goodies for ya. 

This cute My Melody note pad has one of those changing pictures on the front. I think it's so adorable. :P

And here is a Happy New Years pop up card. :) It is actually from Sanrio I do believe. :)

And Lastly, I just wanted to post some pics of my beading that I sent to her. She is going to have a booth at MobiCon this year in May with her friend. So, if you are in Mobile, Alabama, stop by and see these beauties in person. :)

Have a nice Mardi Gras weekend everyone! Stay safe.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart my Friends

Happy SAD! Happy V-Day!

I am sending all my love to my friends and family since I don't have a guy to shower. :)

My mom's Valentines Day gift. It's a bracelet I made for her with frame beads from inmcrystal.com. I printed out black and white pics of her favorite people onto cardstock and slipped them in. This is not waterproof but my mom doesn't want to wear it too much. :P She's just going to keep it for sentimental value. I was going to cover each picture, front and back, with modge podge to protect it. :) And to make it more comfortable to wear, I used stretchy cord with a clasp.

Hope you guys have a great day! I am going to say it's ok to overdo the sweets, but just today. :p

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not just another bracelet

I think this will be my last paracord bracelet post for a while. :p You're welcome. :)

Chain Sinnet Square Knot
There is a very nice video tutorial here. The great thing about this is that it looks like the regular survival bracelet but it is easier to undo in a real emergency.

This the back end, I tucked the melted ends in so it doesn't scratch you while you wear it.

You see that silver on the one loop. It is there on purpose. I ended this bracelet so that if you pulled that loop and then you pull on the two ends sideways, it falls apart. It makes it even faster to take apart. :) Hey, every second counts.

I used the lanyard knot to make the knot. I just pulled the loop long enough so it goes around your wrist.

A great gift for the Valentine man in your life. I just don't have one yet. :P