Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Bride Bracelet

Say that 3 times fast. hehe My friend, Heather, is getting married in March. She told me her wedding colors so I decided to make her a bracelet. :) Her wedding colors are going to be pink and white with a little green thrown in.

I used this  Magic Squares free pattern on BeadsMagic blog. Just a note for myself, it took 2.5-3 ft of fireline per motif.

I messed up on the colors on the first square. It was not what I was planning in my head I liked it so I went with it. I was going to do pink crystals with the raised areas in green for vines and a pink or white background but I like this better since my friend actually is only adding in the green because of March.

I also changed the pattern a little by rotating the squares into their points, connecting each motif through a crystal, changing the center seed bead colors, and adding a crystal to the center.

Since I was making each motif separately, I noticed that it would make cute earrings. A single motif with a crystal hanging off of it or if you like chunky jewelry, you can use two motifs.

The design is dimensional as shown by the above picture.

It was unintentional but cute that the colors of the bracelet matched so perfectly with my house plant. :p

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