Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trying it out

So, in websurfing, I found some cute patterns for different things. I decided to try out two of them over the weekend. Here they are.

I found this cute blog written from a Crochet Kitten's point of view. It is really cute. She had this pattern for Spiral Coasters. The first pic is of her coasters; the following pics are of mine. 

Her coasters are cute!

Yep, mine look nothing like hers. I think it might be the yarn though. You can't see the spiral pattern due to the colors. I didn't make them the full size. I stopped when the coaster was just big enough to wrap around the bottom of the glass. What do you guys think of my coaster? 

So, if you've read the last few blog posts, then you know, I have been interested in quick release/deploy paracord bracelets. I decided to use a different cord. I actually don't know what it is called because I got it in Taiwan but it is like a thin satin cord, only it is not. :p Sorry, but that is the best I can do in terms of description.

I wove one of the string ends into a toggle with the cobra stitch.

To close the bracelet, you put the two loops through the single white loop and put the toggle part to keep it from coming apart. This type of closure works but it is kinda hard to get the toggle into the loops.

I think this bracelet is kinda cute due to the colors. I used the Millipede stitch.

I wanted to try the Millipede stitch by paintballhead03 on youtube. Although, he is very annoying in the video, I have found other people who have re-done the tutorial who are not as annoying. I recently discovered this macrame patterns site and realized that the millipede stitch is just a version of the basket stitch in macrame, you just alternate top first or bottom first.

The thing about the Millipede stitch is that it looks like a cobra stitch that we all know and love if you've done any kind of macrame but it is quick deploy and uses more cord. Well, I found another quick deploy stitch that looks like the cobra stitch but it seems to be a little faster to make. It uses a variation of the Chain Sinnet knot. Here is the link to the tutorial. They have pictures and a video.

My friend and I were just talking about how crazy it is that there are a lot of different names for the same stitch depending on the craft. Well the cobra stitch is also called the Solomon Bar and the Portuguese Sinnet. In macrame, it is called the square stitch or a flat spiral stitch. Crazy!

I hope to be productive and make some cell charms/fobs for my friend's booth at MobiCon. Hope you guys had a good Super Bowl weekend! :)

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