Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart my Friends

Happy SAD! Happy V-Day!

I am sending all my love to my friends and family since I don't have a guy to shower. :)

My mom's Valentines Day gift. It's a bracelet I made for her with frame beads from inmcrystal.com. I printed out black and white pics of her favorite people onto cardstock and slipped them in. This is not waterproof but my mom doesn't want to wear it too much. :P She's just going to keep it for sentimental value. I was going to cover each picture, front and back, with modge podge to protect it. :) And to make it more comfortable to wear, I used stretchy cord with a clasp.

Hope you guys have a great day! I am going to say it's ok to overdo the sweets, but just today. :p


  1. That is a lovely idea for your mom. I love that it is red colored for good luck too!

    I'm sure she'll treasure it!

    I hope you had a great day!