Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Onigiri Amigurumi

I wanted to make an amigurumi to adorn my friend, Rachel's booth at MobiCon in May this year. I racked my brain for a cute idea. A dragon? Some hearts or a bunny? No, too big, too small, and the last would be found hidden in my friend's purse. hehe Then I found a free onigiri amigurumi pattern and it was perfect! :)

What a cutie! :) If I make another one, I am going to put a big bow at the top of her head and some lace on the nori (seaweed) part and make her one of those cute Japanese hime gyaru (princess) girls. :p

Panda's Tips of the Day:

1. I used wrapping paper for the background to the picture above. It's inexpensive, cute, and you always have some wrapping paper around. :)

2. In order to place the nori, I wanted to temporarily hold it in place while I stitched around it but didn't have a big enough safety pin. So, I took a long piece of contrast color yarn cut when I finished another cutie and used it to tack the nori piece in place. It worked out really well.

3. I used a mini/short flat bobby pin as a stitch marker. I had bent a small paper clip using this tutorial but the ends would hook and catch on yarn. The mini bobby pin's ends were protected and round and the bobby pin was easier to thread through the small stitches than the paper clip. To each their own. :)

Someone else had the same idea to use bobby pins. :) Here is a great post on the use of bobby pins to help you while you crochet from Leisure Arts.

I hope you guys find something to -fever over. :)

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  1. OMG! That is super cute! I can't wait to tell Kristina about it. She'll love it too!

    Hmm....now I have to think of cute ways to decorate and layout our booth! Esp. to set off your cute amigurumi!