Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hook to Heal the Homeless from Crochet Kitten

I just had to share this amazing project. The Animator's Wife from Crochet Kitten is going to homeless shelters to teach the children there to crochet. I think it's a wonderful idea. It can lift the spirits of the children and their family. It can maybe even help the family generate a source of income. And it can give the children a lift in their self esteem. 

She is asking for donations of yarn for the children to use. Not only that but for every skein of yarn donated, she is going to donate $1 to another good cause.

To donate yarn and read more this story please click here

A Horse for Mrs. San

One of my really good friend’s mother had a commission for me. Her Chinese horoscope is the horse so she wanted me to crochet her a horse after seeing all the other cute stuff I made.  :) I was happy to do it for her. Even though she said she would like to pay for it, I decided to give it to her for Christmas. :)



My favorite part is her eyes. Horses have the most beautiful eyes and she is no exception. :)

If you want to read more or to get the pattern, please click here. :)

I've linked this cutie to My Messy Life's Hookin on Hump Day #29.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I hate to tell you all how old I am but this is so true!

And when I'm surrounded by 40-50+ year olds, I feel like I'm 12. hehe
I don't think I've ever felt my age. :p

Have a nice evening!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So Fluffy!!!

I love fluffy bunnies. We have a bunch in the local parks. Most people think they are thriving there because some students sprang them from the local college research lab. 

I often see them hopping around. Most of the time, I'm just trying to not run them over with my car. But I've often wanted to pet them which is why I'm sharing this very kawaii comic from Extra Ordinary Comics



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Love My Hooks

This panda is somewhat a collector and she has collected a bunch of crochet hooks over the years. Sometimes I buy new ones because I can’t find my old ones and sometimes because there’s a coupon/sale and I buy sets. hehe
I have just tried to organize my craft supplies which led me to find all these crochet hooks in the weirdest of places: drawers, bags, empty bottles. hehe Therefore, I need something to corral all of my lovely hooks and I found this very cute design.


To read more about it and to get a link to the free pattern, I hope you will check it out here. :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Ami of the New Year!

Please say hi to Hedy!! 


If you want to read more about her, check her out here. :)

Yes, I am a big Harry Potter fan. :) When I saw this cute free pattern from A Morning Cup of Jo Creations, I had to try to make a little Hedwig. :p Sadly, the white felt part of her eyes was cut too small. I had a hard time getting them round. I think it makes her look kinda chubby. hehe.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Years!!!

I have hopefully found a way to post pictures again. :)

Lil Panda is just so kawaii!!!

I have my resolutions but as I seem to find a hard time sticking to them, like any diet, I have decided on lifestyle choice changes instead. I think I'll keep them to myself for now, then I only disappoint myself. :p

One thing I will be doing is trying out tumblr. :) I'll post a link to the blogs as soon as I get them up. And I am going to try and start a Facebook page. :) Big goals...hehe But no worries, if my little short cut works, I will post links so you guys can still follow me here and see the updated posts. :)

Even if your new years didn't start perfectly, you have a full year to make it better. :) I'm trying to be grateful for all the little things. :)

Love ya!