Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Panda Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

One day I will make each and every one of my dreams...hehe :) There are 14 free patterns so keep on scrolling. :)

Stephanie from All About Ami is an amazing amigurumi pattern maker. There is not one of her creations that isn't adorably kawaii and professional looking. She has an awesome blog too. You should definitely check it out, my dragons are from her pattern. This adorable panda is part of a 3 bear ornament series with a cute bear and koala. You can find the free pattern here.

This Chubby Panda pattern is from Justine from Crafty Hanako.

This Panda pattern is from Angie's Art Studio.

This Fuzzy Panda is from a crochet-along sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. This free pattern is made by Tamie Snow of Roxycraft. She is an amazing artist too and has a lot of very cute pattern, for free and for sale.

The free pattern for these small Lazy Pandas are on Crochetville.

Image of Felted Penny the Panda

Felted Penny the Panda free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. You will have to register but it is still free.


LOL...these pandas crack me up. The proper Mr. and Mrs. Panda's creator wrote a whole story about them including their son, Glenny on her blog, Warm Fuzzies. Their story and the free pattern can be found here. While you are at the site, you should check out Sammy the Hedgehog. :)

Image of Amigurumi Panda

This fuzzy Panda is brought to you by Michaels and Lion Brand Yarn. The free pattern is here. I've always had a bit of a hard time with Fun Fur but this is a good small piece to try working with this novelty yarn. :)Image of Pablo Panda

Pablo Panda is also from Micheal's and Lion Brand. His pattern is here.

Giant Panda

You want a giant Giant Panda? Better Homes and Gardens provides us with this 18in panda's free pattern to make and cuddle with.

This Baby Panda Girl free pattern is made by Jane of Jenny and Teddy. She has lots of cute patterns, a few free on her blog and some for sell on her etsy store. The cute dress is actually separate so you can change her! Adorable!

This is Amanda, sadly not named after me. She has a sister named Annie, a teddy bear not pictured. Their free patterns can be found here. They are also from Jane. Thanks Jane! :)

This panda comes with a bag full of bamboo. You get all the free patterns here from Alisha of Fuzzy Feet Works.

The free pattern for Peyton, the Panda Girl can be found on ravelry here. She is made by Shannen from Sweet N' Cute Creations.

There you go! 14 Pandas for you to choose from to make! :) Have fun!