Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Steampunk Octopus Amigurumi

Yes, sorry, here is another Steampunk Octopus that I am making for Rachel's MobiCon booth. Did you like the updates on my WIP sidebar? :)

I usually don't re-make the exact same thing because I would just get too bored. There are 4 differences between this one and this one. :) 1. I added a crochet hat instead of a felt one. 2. I added a grey mustache for a more distinguished look instead of the mouth. 3. I used a darker blue yarn. I love blues. And 4. I added a more versatile hanger (you will see it at the end of the post). :)

I used this free pattern for the top hat. It was quite easy to make. I love the shaping. I think the rim could be one more row larger. :)

He accompanied me to grab In & Out for dinner. For those who don't live in California, it is a great burger joint that people over here love! :) They have a secret menu and everything. hehe

He's helping me decide what to order. Not really, I only get one thing every time I go. hehe

They give you these paper mats so that the box that your food comes in doesn't get your car dirty. They will ask if you want to eat it in your car or at home. If you say "eat in the car" then they will put it in an open box. Yum, hot fries!

He's helping me drink up the rest of my soda. :)

Now, for the new hanger system

I added a small split ring to the top of the hat before I sewed the hat to the head and before I stuffed the head too. So the string that connects the ring goes through it all and will last hopefully. I just added some glue to help.

I put a lobster claw finding onto a cell phone fob hanger. Sometimes they come like this. This allows the owner to take the hanger off and put it on their key chain, cell phone, or purse and then clip on the Octopus.

I hope someone will take him home in May. :) Good luck little one. :)
And I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of crafting! :)

Update 9-4-12:
My friend's sister named him Sir Sassafras. :) And he has been sold!
He is moving in with Megan in Washington State. :) I hope he remembers to be a gentleman. :)
My friend is super excited and posted about it here. :)
Great weekend, esp. since it was my bday weekend. :)


  1. so adorable! I only know how to crochet flowers. must be fun making these cuties!

    1. If you know how to crochet flowers then this Octopus is the perfect project to start with. They are very easy. If you want tips on how to start then here is a site I love: You just need to know the magic circle and invisible decrease. :) If you do try to make one, please send me a pic. I would love to see it. :)