Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 4 - Organize your beads

My beads are fairly organized because I love organizing them! :) It is so much fun for me. The one thing I don't like is that I have too many different containers and they are not unified. I get things on sale as I need them. When I get my own beading and crafting workspace, I think I will try to make everything more cohesive. 

Sadly, all of my beads and beading supplies are currently hiding under my table. Please excuse the mess. :p

Here is one of my organizational tools. I hope this inspires some of you. :)

My trays filled with my beads! :)
I bought this carrying case to hold 4 of these cases with acrylic lids so I can see what's inside. I filled each case with these acrylic boxes, sized 1"x2" or 2"x2". I love that they are clear so I can see through them. On the bottom of each little box, I put a sticker with the color, size, and price of each bead. You can see the stickers peaking through the boxes in the bottom row.

Swarovski Crystals
Double layered
I usually have my 3mm of the same color under the 4mm crystals.

I love these acrylic boxes because I can pick up the beads without having to spill them out onto a bead pad. That is of course when I am bead weaving without a needle. It was my first teacher that gave me the idea. :)

In this case, I put in my tubes of seed beads, bugle beads, and cubes. But I hope in the future to get one of these tube storage system to hold all of these pretty tubes. I love looking at them! :)

It was especially hard to keep things nice when I had to take my stuff to the beading classes that I used to teach. You want things portable but you can't bring everything. That was the biggest headache for me because I never knew what I would need or not need. :p  

Happy Organizing all your pretties! :)

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