Saturday, March 17, 2012

Steampunk Donut with Gears Icing Feltie

So did anyone guess what I was going to make from the pictures I posted on my W.I.P. sidebar? :)

Here he is! I think he's cute. But, after I stuffed him, it made the gears pattern not so visible. I think I might put less icing if I make him again but if i did then he can't have eyes. :p.

I didn't have the right color tan for the normal donut so I decided to make him a chocolate donut. :) I did not want to mess with 6mm safety eyes because it's a pain to get the backing on, so I used paper brads instead. ...the Mother of invention. :) I think he looks very surprised. hehe

After looking at him for a while, I thought he was too plain, not enough steampunkness. So, I dressed him up. :) I added a monocle, mustache, and top hat. :)

I don't like the monocle because it was really hard to cut out. I might head to the hardware store to see if there's something I can use instead. Maybe I can find a rubber O-ring or washer or nut or something.

I added a grey mustache because I couldn't figure out what other color to use. I think it makes him look distinguished. :) I put the stach in the middle of the donut hole because everywhere else looked weird.
If you have or will have a hangover from all that green beer, eat some toast with jelly (the sugar will help your brains work again and the toast settle your stomach), take an aspirin (for the headache), and drink plenty of water (because most likely you will be dehydrated). I hope that helps and have a safe weekend ya'll!

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  1. I'm in love! How cute is that?!?!? Becky just shook her head ;)