Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ami Fever vs Long time Romance

Happy National Craft Month! 

What will I do this month? I was going to do Fusion Bead's 30 Day Bead Challenge but I currently have Ami-fever. I might try to do both. :p You see, my original love is 3D beading crystal animal and bead weaving crystal bracelets but I am currently in love with making cute amigurumi and felties. So, in order to get back to my original love while working through this ami-fever, I am going to try to do a little of both this month. Wish me luck!

Fusion Beads is having a 30 Day Bead Challenge for the month of March. Through the link, you will find a list of what to do each day and a printable calendar.

DAY 1: Make Earrings

I couldn't finish it because I was finishing my Koala amigurumi. :p I will finish it tomorrow and post the finished pictures. I just hope this doesn't put me behind already. :p

I will take better pics of him tomorrow in natural light and post it. :) By the way, Adorably Kawaii did this great post on "What is amigurumi?". If you guys don't really know what it is, then read her post. :)

To help you guys get into the spirit of National Craft Month click here for free e-books and videos on beading, jewelry making, crochet, knitting, and quilting. All they need is your email address. If you want to learn something new or get some new ideas, just click and download. :)

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