Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Panda Halloween!!!

The first time I see a kid dressed as a Panda, she or he is getting all my candy! hehe

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Hope you guys had a safe and fun night!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sea Themed Bridal Shower Prizes 3-5 - Little Whale Ami Keychains

These are the last few prizes that I made for my friend's bridal shower.
There is this game called Pass the Presents where someone reads a cute story with a lot of "right" and left"s. Everyone gets in a circle, and whenever they hear those words, they pass the prize left or right. The person reads it faster and faster and the 3 that ends with the prizes at the end of the story gets them. It's a fun ice breaker. hehe

The 3 little whales look so cute together but they will be going to separate homes.

They were all made with the same pattern: Whaleby Ex-astris1701
She didn't add a smile but I like smiles.
Yarn: Lily's Sugar'n Cream
Hook: 4.25mm
Safety Eyes: 9 mm

Let me introduce you to them individually. :)

Here is Big Ben. He is a foodie and loves trying new places. That's how he got so big (extra white row)! He is a little self conscious so wanted a profile shot. He asks that if you know of some absolutely yummy places to eat at, please leave a comment below. :)

This is Timmy, don't let that angelic smile fool you, he loves to get into lots of trouble. Right now, he's wrapping all the prizes in the same size box and wrapping paper. Don't worry, I caught him in time and added little notes on the bottom so I know which prizes are where. He plans to have a real good time at the party. I need to remember to keep an eye on him.

And lastly, is Shy Sally. She loves these guys but sometimes she just wants to curl up alone with a good book. So, if you have any good sci-fi or romance novels that you would recommend her reading, please comment below. :) She's almost gone through my whole library and kindle collection. :p

I promise to pass along all the suggestions. :) Have a good weekend everyone. I hope you guys aren't going crazy trying to finish all the Halloween crafts you have yet to do. :p I have to confess, I still haven't decorated yet. :p

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sea Themed Bridal Shower Prize 2 - Starfish Ami

Here is another prize for the Bridal Shower guests to try and win. :p
I am having everyone send in a favorite family recipe. I'm making a cookbook/scrap book for the Bride to have. She is going to pick her favorite recipe and the winner will get this cute little starfish. :p 

I think he/she is a cutie but I don't know. Should I add a little bowtie maybe and make him a little boy? Or maybe add little wooden spoon. :p 

Yarn: Lily's Sugar'n Cream
Hook: 4.25 mm
Pattern: Small Starfish by Mausica's Magical Menagerie
Note: I slip stitched 7x down each side of the tentacles and 2 at the tips.  
Safety Eyes: 15mm

It's Friday! Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Surprise Halloween Package from Bunny

My beloved friend, Rachel sent me a surprise Halloween package a little early so I can enjoy it for the season. :) I decided to share all the goodies with you! :)

In the purple tissue paper, she put this cute mug with a zombie, this adorable black cat, and some panda earrings. The apple case held 2 cute Halloween tins full of candy! And lastly, the black spiderweb had some fixings so that I can have a yummy cup of hot coco (which I'm drinking right now :P) for those cold nights. :)

I can't wait to start decorating with all the cute items I've received over the years. Yes, I have not started decorating for Halloween. :p I've been so behind! 

In the cute Halloween shoebox, there were tons of amazing goodies. Safety noses and eyes for all my crafting. More candies, come smell good candles, lotions, and sanitizers, a cupcake kit, cute ribbons, note pad, and playing cards to add to my collection.

I love that she included the Hobbit. But now my dilemma is whether or not to read it before watching the movie or after. :p

I always love and cherish the cards she sends me. I have a bunch of boxes full. :)  

My own package to her is still not ready but I hope to have it done soon so stay tuned. Thanks again little bunny!! I love it all! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sea Themed Bridal Shower Prize 1 - Dolphin

One of my closest friends is getting married and I'm a bridesmaid! I was so happy to help her with her wedding prep that I didn't realize all the stuff that comes with being a crafty bridesmaid. 

Her Bridal shower is coming in 2 weeks and I'm in charge of making all the favors and game prizes. Of course, I volunteered but that doesn't take away from the monumental task. I also have to make some of the crucial pieces to her outfit. (more posts to come :) )

Here is the first prize I made, a dolphin ami! I wanted to make a small one, about the size of a keychain. Even though I used the pattern for the smaller dolphin, it came it really big so I decided to just leave it as is. :) 

She doesn't have a name yet. I'm going to let the winner name her. :)
The game is an icebreaker where you introduce yourself and then have to remember everyone before you. The first person to remember everyone's name and adjective will get this cutie pie. :) A monumental task since there are about 25 guests. :p I doubt I am even going to try. hehe
Pattern: Daddy and Baby Dolphin from Sweet N' Cute Creations
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Hook:  I forgot :p Most likely 4.25mm
Finding: button eyes and my own hanger system (not pictured)
Made: around Sept. 25, 2012

I didn't change the pattern from what I remember. I just sewed the tail fins into the bottom opening instead of sewing the bottom close first. 

Good luck to those ladies! hehe And's a surprise. :p The only person who knows about my blog is the bride. hehe


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scotty Doggie Feltie

I have been backed up on my blog posts. :( Too much on my to do list. hehe This year's holiday season is overwhelming because I'm a bridesmaid too! :p You guys will see some of the stuff I made because of that role, hopefully. :p 

So, I'm taking a few minutes to show you guys this cute little Scotty Dog feltie keychain that I made for a friend who loves Scotties. :)

Pattern: Scotty Dog Softie by AllSorts

It's my first 3D feltie and I thought it would be harder than it was. I always psych myself out. But I like him! I think he came out really cute even without eyes. :p I added a keychain finding to it before I sent it out. :)

Have a nice cool fall weekend everyone!