Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Surprise Halloween Package from Bunny

My beloved friend, Rachel sent me a surprise Halloween package a little early so I can enjoy it for the season. :) I decided to share all the goodies with you! :)

In the purple tissue paper, she put this cute mug with a zombie, this adorable black cat, and some panda earrings. The apple case held 2 cute Halloween tins full of candy! And lastly, the black spiderweb had some fixings so that I can have a yummy cup of hot coco (which I'm drinking right now :P) for those cold nights. :)

I can't wait to start decorating with all the cute items I've received over the years. Yes, I have not started decorating for Halloween. :p I've been so behind! 

In the cute Halloween shoebox, there were tons of amazing goodies. Safety noses and eyes for all my crafting. More candies, come smell good candles, lotions, and sanitizers, a cupcake kit, cute ribbons, note pad, and playing cards to add to my collection.

I love that she included the Hobbit. But now my dilemma is whether or not to read it before watching the movie or after. :p

I always love and cherish the cards she sends me. I have a bunch of boxes full. :)  

My own package to her is still not ready but I hope to have it done soon so stay tuned. Thanks again little bunny!! I love it all! :)

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