Thursday, November 17, 2011

Presents in Progress

Here are some of the presents that I have in progress at the moment.
These are sort of old pictures because I have made some progress on both scarves. ::)

Waves Scarf
I saw this sock yarn and the colors screamed my friend's name so I bought it. The yarn is Patons, Stretch Socks yarn, Pumpkin Spice Jacquard color, perfect for this time of year. :) Then I started searching the web to look for a pattern. Then I came across this Sock Yarn Waves Scarf pattern. It was also a rainbow of colors so I thought it would work. I was unsure so I sent this pic to my friend, Rachel, in Alabama and my friend's, the person I am going to give it to, sister, Chendal. Rachel agree with me that it was kinda awkward but Chendal gave it a big thumbs up. It is not my color but it is my friend's color style so I am going to finish the scarf. I am half way done now. It is an awkward pattern so I have been very loose with my crochet stitches to make it easier on myself. The original pattern had a tighter weave. I used the crochet needle size from the pattern but not the one that the yarn manufacturers suggested. I will post another picture of the finished scarf. I hope she likes it.

Faggot Stitch Scarf
This Easy Beginner Knitted Scarf is made with a very old traditional lace stitch called Faggot stitch. That is what the name of the stitch. I did not make it up so don't blame me for the name. It is a very easy stitch and goes pretty fast. This one also needs a looser tension because you will have to knit two together. But it is pretty. I am 2/3 done with it. When I am finished, I will post new pictures. It is for a very special woman in my life who has been there for me every single day. :) 

I really like the purl cast on method I used for this scarf because it is tight and neat.

Vanna's Glamour  Lion Brand Yarn

This yarn has tinsel woven throughout and so it sparkles! But the sparkles are very hard to take pictures of. It is not a soft yarn especially with the stitch I used but I think it will be beautiful to dress up a jacket or a little black dress. :)

Wire Ribbon Flower
 Here is the video tutorial on how to make this flower. I got the ribbon on sale out of the Christmas ribbons. I tell you this because the ribbon has not lonely wire at the edges but red foil This changes things because the foil might "foil" your flower. The key is to stitch through the foil so that it folds right. On my next flower I might try to just cut off the foil and see how it changes things. 

For the center I made 3 pearl beaded balls but it did not cover the center mess entirely so I hot glued more pearls to the center around the 3 beaded balls. I don't know what to do with my pretty flower. I might make it into a hair clip and clip it onto my Xmas packages in lieu of a bow. I also like to tie ornaments under my bows. This flower would look cute as an ornament too. :)

Wreath Earring 
I saw these Autumn Heather Earrings on a facebook post from the website and thought it would be cute as Christmas wreath earrings. Since there was no tutorial for this one, I just looked at the picture and tried to figure it out. Since I do not have the exact same size beads they used, my wreath is a little tight. I think it is cute. I need to make the match and add the ear wires. I might make another pair but with pearls.

I hope your holiday crafting is going well. :)

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