Monday, November 21, 2011

Seeing Red...Holiday Red! :)

I finished the Red Sparkily Scarf! I hope that special someone likes it. :)

Rolled up Scarf
Close up of the ... stitch :)
I have decided not to say the name of the stitch so not to offend anyone who is really sensitive. The link to the pattern is in a previous post.

Scarf being modeled
Xmas Eeyore, who has been sitting in that seat since last Xmas, is my very cute model for the scarf. :)

Profile View
Get my good side! :)
Left over yarn
This pattern was a one skein scarf! I had so much left over, that I decided to crochet some flowers to go on the ends of the scarf, just to dress it up a bit. The yarn is Lion Brand Yarn, Vanna's Glamour, Ruby Red color.

Crochet flowers
I made flower 1 of this tutorial instead of the other flower I had done a few months back. But I changed the start of the pattern by using this magic ring so that the centers don't have to be filled in with a button.

Flower on the end of the scarf
I am going to pin it on the end of the scarf so it can be taken off for washing or I can make other flowers in other colors so that they can be changed to match the outfit. By making these flowers, pins, she can also wear them as a brooch. :)

Ribbon Flower

I had made a 5 petal flower with this red wire ribbon from the Xmas section of Michaels (seen in previous post) but then I saw these poinsettia ornaments and thought they were look nice in the center. This time I made a 6 petal flower because the poinsettias were so big.

I don't know if I want to make them into brooches or hair clips or both. :) I will definitely need to use them on at least one package in lieu of a bow. :)

I might make a few crochet flowers to embellish tags for the gifts. :) I want to make my own tags this year. Usually, I just write a card and use that as give tags. If I do, I will definitely post the finished products. :)

Hope you guys are having a productive holiday season! :) 

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