Friday, November 4, 2011

Wet Rainy Weather = ...

...staying warm under fuzzy blankets
...eating hot soup
...drinking more tea and hot coco
...reading a good book in bed
...getting ready for the holiday season
...making scarfs

I do like the holiday season. Starting with my birthday in September. :) Then we hit Halloween. I actually packed away all of the decorations the day after. :) That is really good for my family who still has stuff from last year's Valentines day and Christmas out. Next is Thanksgiving. I don't know what I am going to do since my family is working. :( I love Thanksgiving because of all the yummy foods. :) We used to go to a friend's house. My favorites are potato salad and cream cheese won tons. I would like to make candied carrots and maybe make some fried sweet potato balls. :) Then there is big Christmas. I have a lot of my gifts already but I have no idea what to give to the other 1/2 of my list. And lastly, New Years.

Because of the 1/2 I have no idea what to give which consists of mainly all the guys, I have decided to see if I can make or buy scarfs. Here is the first scarf that I am starting. Sadly, I need to put it down because it is becoming more and more mine. hehe I don't think I can give it away. I was googling free quick and easy knitting scarf patterns and stubbled upon this pattern called, Seafoam Lace and Eyelets Scarf. Their scarf was made with this beautiful seafoam green colored yarn called, Panda Silk DK, and that's not all, the yarn is made with Bamboo! Yep that quenched it. hehe So, I started it. I have not knitted in years so I had to read some tutorials on knitting and for the first few rows I held the yarn in the wrong hand which made it much harder to knit. It also made the stitches more tight, which I like but I think I will stick with what I have started.

Beginning of the Scarf
 This picture shows the stitch better but the picture below shows the color of the yarn better.

I used Patons's Brilliant synthetic yard in Crystal Cream color. It has sparkily threads in it and is a light champagne color. I really like it. And it is very soft. :) I think I will keep it for myself when I am finished with it to compliment all my black dresses. :) Now I just need to find some cute, comfortable, heels to match. hehe

I am going to switch to my large needles and thicker but still soft yarn to make some scarfs faster. November is moving so fast! :P I still need to do more beading. :P

Good luck with all the gift shopping!

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