Friday, March 29, 2013

Some Non-Bunny Free Spring / Easter Amigurumi Patterns (part 1)

Here are some more Free Amigurumi Patterns for Spring or Easter! :)

Let's start with something small...Eggs!!!


From Little Yarn Friends, here are some Lil' Moustache Eggs. hehe I think they are adorable! (link)


From Petals to Picots, here are some Mini Easter Eggs. (link) Hmm...I wonder if they would fit into the larger plastic ones. hehe 


Tonna crochet a bunch of Easter Eggs and made them into a wreath. (Link) What a great idea! :)


And lastly, Repeat Crafter Me, made these really cute egg cozies. (link)  I really like how she did a rainbow of colors. I think they are just adorable! :)

<3 <3 <3

Now that you have your eggs, you need something to carry them in. :)


Here is a very cute crochet basket from Jam Made Studio. (link)

Enjoy! Easter Sunday is coming up soon!!!

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