Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paper Bunnies

Hi Ya'll!!!
Easter is around the corner...ahh!! hehe Yes, I am behind but my friends are very patient with me. :)
Here are some Free Origami Bunnies / Rabbits to decorate with. :)

Origami box in the shape of a rabbit

Origami Spirit has a good video (link) to show you how to fold this bunny. I suggest you watch it all the way through first so that you sort of know what is coming next. She goes pretty fast but there's always the pause and rewind buttons. :)

I've made a bunch, filled them with kisses and will donate them to a bake sale to help raise funds for charity. My friends are going down to El Salvador to help build homes and pass out items to the poor.

Here's another Free Paper Bunny Goodie Bag Tutorial (Link). You start with a paper bag and just cut out the ears using the template provided. It's pretty quick and simple. :)

The Sunday Baker shows you how to fold this cute origami paper napkin for your Easter table (link). I think it has so much character! :) It would be really cute in different colors too. :) I can see them now, hopping down the middle of my table. :)

And lastly, here is the Free tutorial on how to fold this classic bunny. You can fold it with paper or fabric napkins. Link 1 has picture tutorial and Link 2, from Chinet, has a video tutorial.

Chinet has other napkin folding tutorials for you to check out and add to your dinning table. :)

I hope your Easter preparation is going well.. :)

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