Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purple Princess's Bday Presents

I haven't even given her, her Xmas present and I already have to make her something for her bday.:P I do like making gifts, it is so much easier on my pocketbook and more from my heart. :)

I got this idea for a bell ring from making my Aunt's Xmas gift, Jingle Bell Bracelet. I made it in purple because my friend is known as the "Purple Princess". hehe  It does make a lot of noise but wear it when you are having fun anyways. hehe You can twist the bells around to make different patterns. And it was very easy to do! :)

Here is my old stand by, the flat spiral stitch. I used 6mm bicones in the center and 4mm bicones on the sides and two different colored seed beads. I love how this bracelet turned out. The colors make it really breath taking. I think this bracelet is much more beautiful in person.

Panda's Tip of the day: finish the ends of the flat spiral stitch by adding a 3mm crystal in the same color as the 6mm bicone in the center before making the loop and adding the clasp.

I thought the Purple Princess would like a cute purple bow ring. :) It is pretty easy to do. I am thinking or putting a tutorial for this ring on a blog post later on. We shall see if I get around to it. :) This little bow would be a cute earring as well. :)

Happy Birthday Trinity!

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  1. Wow! I'm sure she loved everything! So pretty and purple!