Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Years! Year of the Dragon!

Happy Lunar New Years!!!

 I hope it brings you and your family and friends
 lots of happiness, fortune, health, peace, luck, and success!

I so want this little guy! Isn't he just adorable?

Big Uncle's Buddhist Temple 
I have 3 Uncles and 5 Aunts. I think last count was 41 first cousins. I am slowly meeting them all. Yes, my dad had a huge family, he is the 3rd brother. My Uncle told us all a story as to how the temple came into being. His wife was diagnosed with cancer so they had her go back to her hometown to pray at a temple. They prayed that if she gets better, they will build a temple. She got better so they did. Years later they found a orange size tumor in her brain. They went to pray again but this time they said that they will build 10 schools in 5 years to give back if she got better. She did and they built the 10 schools in Burma, I think, but in 3 years. She is currently healthy and kicking. You would never know she had a tumor in her brain. :)

This is just one of the Buddha.

They have a couple of Thailand shrines as well. This the Buddha with the 4 faces.

Shhh.....Jessica Gomes was there with her boyfriend. I left before Miss Chinatown came.

He blesses you when you come to pray in front of this Buddha.

All donations go to charity. Everything there and all the stuff they give away or use is not funded by donations.  If you have never been to a Buddhist temple, it is quite beautiful but the most festive during Chinese New Years. It is also the most crowded. 

My family just got together and had a huge 10 course very yummy Chinese dinner full of seafood. :) So full!!! hehe


  1. Wow, 41 cousins!

    Must be so much fun celebrating Chinese New Year in CA Chinatown! Kong Hay Fat Choy!

  2. Thanks Helen :) Hope you had a great one! :)