Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Paracord bracelet

I made another quick deploy/release bracelet for males. This weave is called Ripcord Sinnet (this is a link to the YouTube video tutorial on how to make one). This tutorial is made by TyingItAllTogether and they have a lot of other videos. You can use other cords to make these bracelets besides the paracord. I think I would like to try these with satin cord for girls. :)

The last bracelet I made used a fishtail type weave that all little girls know and used for their hair at one time. Here is the link to that video tutorial.

Close up of the front 
Close up of the back
 I found two other quick release weaves. These use buckles or U shackles, which I don't have, therefore, I have not made them yet. The Milipede paracord bracelet uses more cord and is thicker. The Slatts Rescue Belt knot seems to be the quickest to unravel but it needs something like a crochet hook to make.

If you guys are wondering where to get the paracord and buckles, I would go here. Most of their stuff includes free US shipping and you can choose regular or priority mail. I love that because it is still free but you get your stuff faster. They have a variety of colors of not only the cord but the buckles as well.

Happy Weaving! :)

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