Monday, January 2, 2012

Xmas Decorations

I have been meaning to post this but haven't gotten around to it till now...
This year's holidays has been especially busy for everyone I know. I hope yours went smoothly. :)

My mom found an angel friend for my angel from my friend, Rachel. My mom also loves poinsettias during Xmas so I got her the one in the Santa box (glittery and cute from the grocery store) and she had to get him a friend from Home Depot. Getting them around Xmas is not a good idea since they are usually wilted and very much sad looking. Next year, as always, we need to get them early.  

My mom also go this beautiful pink plant and the red version below on the same trip. The pink one is so cute with the "Joy" sign and her snow man ornaments. We like to put ornaments on door handles and on table tops rather than on the actual tree...hehe

Sorry for the terrible photo but I did put this cross stitch ornament made by the Wandering Bunny for me last year on the tree. Last year, I had it hanging off the door handle of my room. :)

I couldn't find the tree topper I used last year so I made a ribbon flower and used that instead.

Out table top white feather pre-lit tree. I really like the style and look of it. Next year, I am going to decorate it in red so have a red and white theme. If I can find some cute/pretty red origami paper, I will make origami ornaments. :) I put all the cards we received on the bottom of the tree.

The Wandering Bunny also made and sent me these nice Cross stitch pieces. They look really nice with the red plant and some ornaments in vases. :) 

This year, Rachel sent me this beautiful hand painted ornament for Xmas. :) It looks really nice hanging from the chandelier. I will have to find an ornament display to put it on for next year.

Thank you Bunny for providing me with most of my Xmas decorations!! :)

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  1. I love your decorations! Especially your feather's so Yep, it's definitely your style and it works well for your living room area ;)

    We don't have poinsettias during Christmas. We do have a Christmas cactus that sometimes blooms and sometimes doesn't....LOL.

    I can't wait to see your tree next year in red! It will be beautiful!