Friday, January 13, 2012

So Lazy...

I was too lazy to clean up my beading work area and I wanted to be productive so I just pulled out some yarn and a crochet hook. I always have to clean up my beading space before I can work on anything or there would be too much stuff in my way. So, here are the fun, fast, and easy little cuties I made and the links to the patterns so you can make them too. :)

My usual Rose
 If you follow my blog at all then you have seen this same rose made with lots of different yarn. I just wanted to see how it would look with this color changing yarn. I doubt I would make enough to do a wall installation but I think it would be cute to make like 10-20 and frame them so it is like a 3D art piece. 

Here are a few mini-hearts that were quick and easy an so so cute! Sorry, I didn't take a pic to show the size but they are the size of my thumb and I have small hands. Above is my first heart so it is not perfect. I fix the huge hole in the middle, I took the tail and crochet over the tail when going around the ring which allows me to pull on the tail and close the hole when I am finished. (Panda's Tip of the Day!) :)

I started to make these hearts in pairs as long as the color matches so that I can make them into earrings for all my lovely single ladies on Singles Awareness Day. :p

Mandy's favorite 5-petal flower pattern (it is actually not my favorite hehe). It is cute and I forgot that I have made it before with a bamboo yarn. But I like the flower bellow a little better.

5 petal daisy
This is also from Little Birdie Secrets's blog as was the mini-heart and the other flower. This is her daisy pattern and I think it is adorable what she has made this for. She made this flower to adorn a beanie but the really cute twist is that the flower is interchangeable. :) You should go to her blog and check out all her cute projects. She has a lot of cute free patterns and patterns for sale.

6 petal daisy
I made this one with the same 5 petal daisy pattern but with an extra petal. I did the extra petal to balance out the color change from the yarn. :) I really like how the petals are more defined.

Yes, I do have to weave in the ends to all of these, which I will do as soon as I post this post. hehe
And I will post pics of how I finished these when I do. :P

~~Have a nice, productive, and restful MLK weekend!~~

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  1. Darling, I think you could make a lovely shadow box or frame display of different color knitted flowers! You could do the shadow box if you didn't want people to touch them or a frame display if you wanted them to!

    Looks like you are having fun with all your flowers :)