Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy day finish 1

So this is the first finish of my lazy day crochet UFOs (Un-finished objects). I made the first pair of hearts into earrings.

As I made the bottom embellishment, I thought they would be cute earrings on their own. So, I made those earrings too. :) I reused the wire from the wire ribbon I used to make the ribbon flowers. Yes, I am a crafter and so I keep just about everything. :P The wire was perfect, thin enough that it made it easier to wrap around the heart and string on the beads.

Sorry for the dirty glass. I used a vase that still had glitter in it from the ornaments that were in there during Xmas.

Have you started your Valentines Day jewelry making yet?

1 comment:

  1. Lovely! Looks like you've got a crafting bug! That's a good thing :)

    I like how you used the yarn hearts as part of those earrings. I wouldn't wear them as I don't look good in long earrings, but they look cute!