Saturday, January 28, 2012

Practical Bracelet for a Man

I am so happy! I am still high off of shopping for beads for 2 hours. And then I come home and I get my online order today instead of Monday! Yea! So, I have a lot to keep me busy for the weekend. :)

This is a red braided quick deployment 550 paracord bracelet. I have 4 guy friends who are or were in the military and I wanted to make these for them. The military uses 550 paracord for a variety of reasons. Of course, they probably don't use red but I bought red because it is a lucky color and this week is still Chinese New Years. :) I wanted to use this braid aka rattlesnake braid instead of the usual cobra stitch in survival bracelets because of its quick deployment properties and therefore is more practical for them. It was also very quick to make. It only took me about 10min. It also only cost me $1 for each bracelet. Yes, one single dollar to make this. :) I bought 100 feet for $10 and used 10 feet for this bracelet. So, do the math. :)

550 Paracord is nylon and has 7 white cords in the middle.

To tighten the loop, you can pull the side knot so the bracelet doesn't come off.

I am very happy with this new guy gift. It is probably the cheapest practical guy gift I will ever find. And it's so cool! :) hehe Ooo...and you can give it to him for Valentines because it's red! Yea!

Have a great crafting weekend Ya'll!

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