Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Xmas from Thailand

The Thailand princess sent me some wonderful Xmas gifts via Philippeans and her husband. :)

She knitted this scarf for me...isn't it cute?

This carved wood magnet is beautiful.

Another magnet. :) We won't talk about what the elephants are doing to each other. :p

Key Chains! :)

This blue elephant is beautiful.

Bag 1. It is so pretty!!

hehe Luggage Tag...I think she should've given it to her husband...hehe He's the one who's flown there to be with her and he loves Thailand. :)

Bag 2 in my favorite color, blue. :) It is really elegant.

Pretty letter holder? Well, I am going to use it for my mail. :) It has 3 pockets and beautiful embroidery.

Eep!! This is my fav! A beautiful carving from Thailand. It is so nice! :)

Thank you so much Mrs. Smith!!! :)


  1. You're so spoiled! How in the world did she make that scarf? It's cute ;)

    Have fun hanging and displaying all your goodies!

  2. hi mandy!! hehhehe glad u liked them..ur welcome Mandy..:-)