Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Surprise Xmas Gifts

Here are some last minute Xmas gifts that I just got. :P

Glee made this for me!!! Isn't it adorable! :) It was hidden in her husband's book bag because he hadn't unpacked yet. He still isn't unpacked. :P It looks so difficult but she says the yarn does all the work and it's really easy. :) It is wonderful!! Thanks!

Glee and RC's wedding favors. Her mom made these out of paper and ribbon!! Can you believe it? Incredible!!! :)

My Xmas card from her. It is so beautiful; so Thailand. :)

A couple of late gifts from my friend, Rachel. Aren't they wonderful!! Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales and  Hans Christian Anderson Complete Fairy Tales for my library so I can reference the stories while watching "Once Upon a Time". hehe Thanks Bunny!!

I need to get beading and sending out my own late gifts. :P

Hope you guys are having a great year so far!


  1. Wow! That scarf is beautiful and funky fun at the same time with its texture ;)

    The party favor is lovely. Creativity must run in her family ^___^

    Glad you liked your reference books for OUAT!

  2. hello again..come and visit thailand! I am still munching with ur chocolates here..gggrrrr getting fat!