Friday, December 23, 2011

Very Very Last Min Gift and wrapping, + an experiement

So, a very down to the wire, simple yet elegant Christmas present for my Aunt. I literally finished it with 10 min to put on a little makeup before we left to meet up with her and her friends for Dim Sum.

Silver Bells Bracelet
In the center is a cute cluster of jingle bells. She wore it during the meal so I am glad to say, it doesn't constantly jingle and drive you crazy. You only hear it during big or sharp hand gestures. I strung an interesting combination of Swarovski crystals in different finishes (Matt vs AB) and sizes (3mm, 4mm, 6mm). I added a few silver ball beads to add a little more sparkle and so I could use my crimp bead covers at the back and to tie in the silver bells. The pattern is a simple cluster of A-B-A. I think to make something so simple, interesting especially since it is monochromatic, is to vary the finishes and sizes. It's just like interior decorating, you want to vary texture. I finished it by adding an 1 inch extender chain and a few more crystals at the end of that.

My mom really liked it so she made me teach her how to make it. I gave her the beads in the order of the pattern and she strung it on. I tried to show her how to add the clasp and finish it but she got a phone call so I finished it for her. :P She was going to give it away but decided that she wanted to wear it to her work Christmas Buffet. :)

The perfect quick last min gift for an unexpected female guest. :P


While she was out, I was tasked with wrapping 2 cute bento boxes she got for her friends' sons.

cute green Frog Bento Box Japanese lunch box 1

One was this cute frog and the other was a cute smiling raccoon. Due to the rounded edges, I had to figure out a way to wrap these without a box to put them in and no gift bags (I ran out). I decided to make my own gift bags from wrapping paper.

Simple and cute for little boys to tear into. :)

Box 1 was made with a leftover piece of wrapping paper. It was long and just wide enough. 

I folded the base first to fit the bento boxes.

Then I folded the corners in and taped up the sides.

I folded down the top like a brown paper lunch bag...speaking of which, I should always have some on hand to decorate for last minute gift bags. :p

Box 2 was made in using the envelop method. There are tutorials all over the web on how to make an envelope into a bag. I first taped a piece of wrapping paper into a tube.

Then I made the creases for the 4 sides.

I folded the bottom like I would when I wrap an actual box and are finishing the ends.

Folded down the top and added curling ribbon. Done. :)


I had a great idea for a bracelet for my Aunt the night before that turned out to be not so great as a bracelet.

I thought I could jazz up the beaded tennis bracelet design. Luckily I made a sample for myself and hated it for a bracelet. I got to this (above pic) and stopped. Now, what do I do with this? It would be a cute hair clip but then I thought maybe I could make it into a brooch.

I added loops to the top and sides. Then fringe to the bottom. I will never make this again because I used nylon and that was a pain to get through the seed beads. And the fringe won't stay right.

Just got to add the pin back. What do you think? I might go back to it being a hair clip, I don't know.... :p

Christmas Eve Day is Tomorrow!!! Good luck everyone!!!
And Happy Holiday to you and your loved ones! :)

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  1. I'm glad your aunt loved for last minute gift. I think your experiment would be gerat as a hair clip with all of the dangles ;)

    Great job on wrapping those odd shaped bento boxes!