Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Congrats to the Newlyweds!!!

Congrats to my good friends!!! They finally got married!!!
Sadly I couldn't be there to celebrate with them since it was in the Philippines.
So, I sent my happy wishes and love with this necklace. :)
She wore a red and black sexy dress so I made this to match.

3D beaded Heart in Light Siam
I searched through my stash of Swarovski Crystal hearts but didn't have a red (Light Siam) one in the right size so I made this one using 3mm Swarovski bicones so it was smaller.

Heart made into a pendant

In order to put focus on the pendant and heart, I added more beads in the center and had a different, more simple design on the sides. 

I have these heart clasps that I thought would be cute. I had a heart lock and key charms so I thought it would be cute to put it on the necklace too since they unlocked each other's hearts. :)

The finished necklace.

I made a ribbon flower with a Poinsettia center. I added the yellow ribbon because she likes red and yellow, also because I thought it looked cute. It was perfect to have the red poka dot wrapping paper and yellow ribbon. :) A little cute whimsy that is so her. :)

I made the flower into a hair clip and just clipped it onto the present in lieu of a bow. It think it's a cute way to give another present on the present. :)

I made this in early December but had to wait till all the paperwork goes through and they actually get married before posting these as to not ruin the surprise. :)

Congrats guy!! I am so happy for you! May this new life together be filled with lots of love, happiness, laughter, and little mini-yous! :) Miss you guys!

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  1. Such lovely gifts and you put so much thought into them!