Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Mail for Heroes

Holiday Mail for Heroes is a great program done by the Red Cross to send some holiday cheer to soldiers and veterans. I am proud to be able to send 20 simple cards with words of gratitude.

I could not find any greeting card kits that would let me print on my color laser printer so I bought white card stock and printed them out myself. Then I folded them myself. Which did not go well, so I had to cut off some of the edges to straighten them out. This is my pile of cuttings. I have to say, I love my paper cutter. 

I made 4 different designs with 4 slightly different sayings inside. I signed and dated each card. Next year, if I remember, I will start them in November. That way I can have a card making party and invite friends to hand make a card for our troops and veterans, rather than just print these out. I still think they are cute and I hope whoever receives them will still get the message that I am grateful for their service and sacrifice.

Ding! Light bulb just went on. :) While waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to finish cooking, we can make a card each. We are thanking them for their service and it will keep people busy and out of the kitchen. hehe

Thank you to all those who serves us in the military, police men, and fire fighters. And thank you for all the medical staff and hospital staff who have to work throughout the holidays. :)

I have come across some card giving programs for the elderly in nursing homes as well, just nothing in my area. That is an idea to start for next year.

My grad school does this big thing on campus for those children in the foster system in the area. We take their wishes for certain presents and grant them. The faculty usually are the ones who grants the big wishes like game consuls. We have arts and crafts, singing, and Santa comes to give out the presents.

I hope you guys try to do one thing for those less fortune this year, even if it is just sending a few cards. :)
Thank you!

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