Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Bunny Christmas

Happy Christmas!! 
Here is the start of my posting the packages I sent to friends who are not close.
This one is to my friend, Rachel, who has been a constant source of friendship, love, and support throughout all these almost 18 years.

Stuffed Moose
Here is everything I stuffed in this Moose. It can hold a lot. There are two spiral notebooks, one Japanese Hello Kitty and the other My Melody bunny. There is a little angel ornament cross stitch kit. I found these cute buttons in sewing designs. My mom brought back some cute bracelets from her visit to Taiwan, the turquoise one was cute so I thought she might like it. The mini bottles are chocolate bottles filled with liquor in them. :) And then there's the silver bag...

 I made a ribbon flower brooch that I thought would be pretty against a black or silver sweater. :) It could also be pinned to a tote bag to make it more festive. :) 

A book for Fairy Tales retold for a Fairy Tale lover. It is not antique sadly but I read some of them and they are pretty interesting. I just hope she doesn't have it already in her vast book collection. :P

I got one of the authors that contributed to the collection to sign in personally to my friend. :)
It was at Comic Con. Pat Briggs Rules! :)

I found some other cute stuff at Comic Con too.

Fat Rabbit Farm!!!
Cute T-shirt with a bunny surrounded by sweets!
Cute Tote bag front
Cute Tote bag back
 The tote bag was from a different booth. I thought the little bunnies were so cute.

I had to add something Swarovski Crystals and made by me so I adorned this felt cup cozy with a pretty little beaded crystal flower. It was a last minute add to the Moose. Dang that Moose can hold a lot. :) 

I don't know if you can tell but the center crystals are 4mm Alexandrite Swarvoski bicones that change color in different light. It turns from a light purple to a light blue when you move it btw fluorescent and incandescent light. The color change is really hard to take pictures of but it is very cool in person.

I hope you love everything little bunny!! Miss you!

She also posted this package :)


  1. Your friend must be thrilled to receive such wonderful package. I love your handmade brooch. Is it made from wired ribbon?

  2. Hey Helen,
    Yes, it is wired ribbon but mine was Xmas ribbon so the wired part was too thick so I cut off one side. The other side with the wire is what keeps the loops open and pretty. :)

  3. Panda,

    Thank you for all the lovely gifts! Your pictures are alot better than mine!

    Did you know that alexandrite is the official birthstone for June? But it is rare and expensive so the alternative is pearls ;)

    I like alexandrite better than pearls.

    Anywho, thanks for all the handmade goodies!!