Friday, December 2, 2011

Starting another scarf - Queen Anne Lace

Queen Anne Lace Scarf

After finishing 3 scarves, I wanted to make something more intricate and delicate. This pattern is pretty easy once you realize what they mean by "Slip stitch in 1st free ch4 loop of adjoining motif". :) This pattern goes by pretty fast and I think it will end up being a 1 skein scarf as well. :) Because of the motif, it is a good scarf for California weather, where you don't really need a scarf. :) I think it will be pretty as an embellishment to a simple black or red dress. :) If you crochet a short length, you can add ribbon to the ends or elastic cording to make it into a cute headband.

The yarn is Lion Brand Yarn, Vanna's Glamour again but in a Topaz color. I hope you guys can see the sparkily metallic polyester threads in this picture. :)

Here is a close up of the repeating motif.

I am 1/3 done with it at this point. I work on it on and off when I have time. So, how do I make sure I don't lose stitches when I have to stop working on it?...

Panda's Tip of the Day!

I use binder rings. Most people use the metal version to hold flash cards together. Here I am lucky to have a plastic version that my cousin brought back from Taiwan years ago. The plastic version is easier to open and close. I also think that because there is no hinge, they are kinder to my yarn.

When you close the ring, your last stitch will go no where. :) 

I hope all of your Christmas shopping or present making is going well. :)
Don't give up! 

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  1. Lovely! The color is soft and the sparkles add a touch of elegance. You are right; it's perfect with a dress! You should wear it when you go out with your friends :)