Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Curlicue scarf....maybe

Here is another curlicue scarf. I thought it would be cute to make one out of Vanna's Glamour yarn. I liked the juxtaposition of using an elegant yarn to make something so cute and casual. The body is made with the Onyx color and the edging is Platinum. The scarf was too long and it tested my patience. The curls are not so big because the yarn is thinner. If I ever make this scarf again, I might add another row to make it more full but then again, that would just add more work for me. :P

Finished Scarf
Curled up like a rose
 I was debating on whether or not to make a rose for it but I do not have the right pin back and the curls I think would obscure the rose a bit.

For Anne!
I captured Mickey!
Doesn't Mickey look so warm wrapped up in the scarf? :) I hope you have a special Mickey to wrap your scarf around, sadly I don't. :P 

I have not figured out how to wrap this up yet. And I have to send it in a package to Colorado. Hnmm...if I think of something cute, I'll post it. :)

Hope you are having a great Friday!

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