Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

My oldest friend, not old as in age but old as in we've known each other since middle school!, has started crocheting. Yea! Her first amigurumi is this cute little bunny blob. :) I thought since she doesn't have a pinterest account. What?!?!?! I know...but she doesn't so I though I would post some cute free bunny ami patterns that I have found for all of you guys's enjoyment. :)

Patten Springbunny Sideview

First off is Stephanie from All About Ami's Spring Bunnies. I love all of her free patterns. She also has a great drawing showing you how she did their little nose. And the rose is included in the free pattern. :) I made this bunny for my friend (you can see it here) but it looks completely different. :P

Here is Stephanie's other adorable bunny, Sweet Heart Bunny. She does this post called "Crochet Corner" where she showcases other's people's versions of her patterns, check out other people's Sweetheart bunny here.

This is the Miffy Bunny Doll by Armina Parnagian.

Here is Petunia the Purple bunny Ballerina by Sweet N' Cute Creations. I am definitely going to try making this little cutie one day but I think I might change the ears.

Anita did a wonderful job of changing the original pattern found here, that I just posted a picture of her version which can be seen here. :)


This is Patches - the Carrot Loving Bunny from ami amour.

Here is Miss Emma Bunny Rabbit. I love how she added the rhinestones into the insides of her ears. :)

Over Easter, I found these two cute egg bunnies.

Amiguria posted the bunny and eggs patterns

Image of Amigurumi Bunny Egg Cozy

Lion Brand Yarn has this cute Amigurumi Bunny Egg Cozy free on their site. You just have to register for free to get access to all their cute patterns.

Here are a few more odd balls that I think are really cute! :)

free amigurumi crochet pattern

Say hi to the Pink Rabbit Monster! hehe I think she is too cute to be a real monster. :p

And this is Tuzki the Rabbit. I love his attitude. hehe

Now you might be a little frightened by this one but I think my friend will get a hoot out of him. hehe

Zombi Bunny!!! I really like him for Halloween. hehe

I have like 4 free patterns for large bunnies with long arms and legs but I think there are enough patterns on this post to make it huge so I will save those for another day. :)

So, I will leave you guys with this recently found pattern. Now, it is not a crochet pattern but it is so cute!

How to sew sock bunny

Craft Passion has a lot of cute sewing patterns including the sock monkey so they did Sock Bunnies!!! Since my friend made this really cute Fortune cat out of socks, I think she will really like these sock bunnies. hehe

I hope this post has inspired you guys to make your own little army of bunnies to keep the monsters away at night. :) Have fun!


  1. Do you sell these? My daughter would like one for Christmas?

    1. I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond in time. It's been a busy holiday season. I do take orders and would sell you one but this holiday season was just too busy for me. Sorry once again. Let me know if you would like something after the holidays. :) Merry Christmas!!!