Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heart Mom feltie & Experiment went wrong

I made a "Heart Mom" feltie keychain with a pocket for a little note for my friend's yard sale. She is selling stuff to raise money for her church trip to El Salvador. They go out there to help build homes for the poor. It is an even more special trip because last year, on the same mission, she didn't know it but she met her now finance. They are getting married in November. :) I'm so happy for them. Since the yard sale is this Saturday, the day before Mother's Day, I thought a few themed items would be nice for last min gift buyers. :)
and this feltie experiment came out so wrong. :p

I was trying to make a dragon onigiri feltie but failed. As you can see, I did not finish it because I didn't like it. I don't know if it is the eyes or the "ears" but it just looks too strange. I do like the back though. It does look like a row of horns down his back or a mohawk. hehe

I like to share some of my failed experiments because when I see other people have tried and failed too, it doesn't make me feel so bad. :) I might try again but with a different design. :)

Good luck with your Mother's Day gift shopping!

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