Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation Cupcake Bear Amigurumi

Graduation is around the corner so I thought I would whip this little guy up for a friend. :) I used Stephanie's very cute free pattern, Mini Cupcake Bear, and just added the graduation cap. :)

I sometimes wonder if in the future, all books will be on kindles or laptops. It would lessen back problems. :) Although, I have a few friends that still love the feel and smell of an actual book. :)

Yarn: Caron's Simply Soft in Soft Pink
3.25mm Crochet hook
Safety Eyes: 9mm
Muzzle: white felt and black embroidery floss
Bottom: Cupcake liner and Poly Pellets (for weight)
Graduation Cap: Black felt, toilet paper roll, black button, and white embroidery floss

I think all graduates should remember that learning is a lifelong process. Like laundry and dishes, it will never end. :)


  1. How very cute! I hope your friend's daughter likes it ;)

    I hope books never go away! You know me, I love the smell of books!

    1. Thanks Bunny! :) I was thinking of you guys when I wrote that. You will have an amazing library! And I feel that way about my crafting books and magazines. :)