Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saphira Dragon amigurumi

Saphira from the Eragon book series.
When my friend, Rachel, showed her mom my other dragon amigurumi, her mom immediately wanted one because she loves the dragon, Saphira. Of course, being a good daughter, Rachel, asked me to make one in time for Mother's Day. Here she is! :)

Yes, I am currently reading the last book in the series. :)

iPiccy is a free online photo editing site. It has a cool collage feature but I don't like how you can't shrink, enlarge, or rotate the pics within the collage feature. It is very frustrating. 

Caron Simply Soft in Celestial
Crochet hook: 3.25mm
Safety eyes: 12mm
white felt

I don't like making the same thing over and over. There will probably be only one more amigurumi dragon from this pattern that I will make for a dragon baby that is coming soon. :) Each time I make something simliar, I like to change things to try to improve on the design or try something new.

This time I used this crochet wing pattern, sort of. I accidentally skipped row 2 so I went with the pattern of just hdc down the row then dec on the last two for each row. I still don't know how to actually crochet 2 hdc together but I winged it (no pun intended. :)). It gives a different look than the felt embroidered wings.

I also attached the arms and tail on before stuffing the body. It made it easier. You just have to know how the body will look after stuffing and position the appendages appropriately. After you stuff, your amigurumi can be shaped a little different.

Panda's Tip of the Day

Use dryer sheets to trap the pellets so they will not slip pass the crochet stitches.

I like the use of these poly pellets to weigh down your amigurumi a little so it can stand a little better but I fear these little balls of plastic might be squeezed out between the crochet stitches. So, I used some dryer sheets to make little pouches with a few simple running stitches. It works really well and I didn't have to go buy some cloth. As you can see in the last pic, that it really worked. :)

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  1. OMG! My mother will absolutely love this little dragon! She is perfect ;)