Sunday, May 13, 2012

Free Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Crochet Patterns (Part 2)

Here are the other free amigurumi crochet bunny patterns that I have found. I promised you guys some larger bunnies with long arms and legs in part 1 so here they are. I have also included some other bunny patterns that I thought were nice or cute. :)

This beautiful bunny is Miss Mew from Drops Design.

Flopsy Bunny Toy

This bunny is Flopsy from Red Heart yarn. If you are going to give it to a child, then I would use safety eyes and sew everything firmly, not glue.

This Lavender Bunny is from Rheatheylia.

From Caron Yarn is this One Skein Bunny if you use their One Pound yarn.

Now for some other cute bunny patterns I have found. :)

Here is Easter Marshmallow Bunnies from Whiskers & Wool.

Pinned Image

Here is Bunny Pencil Holders from Craft Passion. These Asian yogurt drinks are now popping up in regular supermarkets too.

Here is a cute Love Bunny pattern form Crochet N Play Designs.

And Lastly...

Image of Amigurumi Bunny Wedding Cake Topper

From Lion Brand Yarn, the cutest Amigurumi Bunny Wedding Cake Topper I've come across. :)

Have fun and make more bunnies! :)


  1. How do you make the eyes for the lavender bunny? No one is helping me. Please email me at Thanks

    1. I think this person used an embroidery machine to make the eyes. Or they hand embroidered it.

      Here is a good tutorial on how to hand embroider the eyes on.

      I hope this helps