Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crafts for Charity

My friend had a yard sale to raise money for their charity trip to El Salvador. They are helping build homes for the poor. I decided to help by adding some of my crafts and working the yard sale. :) It was very hard work and I am very tired but it was worth it for friends and charity. :)

The purple flower was made using this free easy pattern.
The flower petals was not coming together so I used a figure eight motion to tighten up the bottom of the petals from the back.

I modified that pattern a little to get the smaller tan flower on top:
Into a magic ring - 7sc
chain 6 then sl st into the next sc - around
into each c6 spot (aka petal) sc hdc 5dc ch2 5dc hdc sc

Hook size used: 4.25mm
Yarn used: Vanna's Choice

This is the rose that I had made for my little top hat. It didn't work for the hat but it works well for a little hair clip.

This is a simple heart/bow bracelet that was too large for me but it fit as an anklet. :)

This is how I displayed the jewelry. To make it more professional, next time I would use cardstock instead of index cards and print on the name.

This heart pendant was really easy and I strung it on some ribbon. I think it would've made a great Mother's Day gift. :)

Someone had donated a bag of costume jewelry. Sadly all of them were broken or missing pieces but it was cool to look at and would be great in the hands of an imaginative crafter. :)

Lastly, I baked cupcakes. I added instant coffee to both the cake and the frosting and it turned out well. :)

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