Saturday, May 12, 2012

Steampunk Hat hair clip

I made a surprise for my favorite Bunny. I hope she will honor me by wearing it to MobiCon. :) And if I am really good, she will send me a picture of her wearing it. hehe

I made this basic hat with this really cute free crochet pattern. I added a white band but wanted to dress it up. :) So I made this 5 min flower with this free pattern. On the inside, I added cardboard from an empty grits box and toilet paper roll and some polyfill to give the hat structure.

It was hard but I found a blue button that matched the color of the yarn. Blue is so varied that if it is too purple or too green, it just doesn't go well together. I also wanted to hint at Steampunk so I added this washer.

The flower is pinned on with a safety pin so she can move it where ever she likes. :)

I added 2 hair clips so that the hat doesn't wobble around. You can't see it because it is hidden by the black felt but I hot glued on a little card board to connect the two hair clips so that you can push them both open at the same time.

Caron Simply Soft Yarn in Celestial, White, and Soft Blue
3.25mm Crochet hook
Lock Washer External Tooth SAE #410 
(couldn't read the size)
Cardboard and Toilet paper roll

I also tried to crochet this cute free rose pattern but it was too big.

Good Luck with the booth at MobiCon! I hope all the cute crafts made by my friends and me sell. :)

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  1. Darling, THANK YOU!!! I absolutely love this little hat! I'm definitely going to wear it! And you never know, you might have requests for it next year ;)

    And thank you for all the yummy candies and goodies! Becky and I both like those biscuits too. They are our faves, but we don't find them that often here in the Asian markets. So thanks!

    I think my mom will love her dragon! My aunt thought it was adorable with its little fang :)